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Just a little something I’d like to share

Months ago I was planning on a releasing a class system reworked/ deep understanding on how it should’ve worked. However I put it off and completely forgot about it for awhile. Then the new datamine was released and since classes are about to take a serious tumble soon it brought me back to it once again and I decide to release it since well you can’t let hard work go to waste plus it be fun to see after 2.9 how things change and how the game has changed too. however before starting I have to say these were made with the intention of being a rework of the classes hence why some dinos do not go under their current in game class. Anyway enjoy.

Below :arrow_down: were the numbers I had around April:


There are many creatures that are used for raids and giving them that new class affects raids

Yeah with the coming update doesn’t really matter. Ludia is gonna change things however they want.

Wow this is just incredibly thorough. I disagree a bit on your class triangle though (it’s just one rotation off), mainly in how the normal classes interact with the hybrid classes. Each class is neutral against itself, right? So cunning should beat Cunning-Fierce (cunning beats fierce and neutral against itself), fierce should beat Fierce-Resilient, and Resilient should beat cunning-resilient. Currently you have all of these as neutral matchups. Furthermore, we can infer that Cunning-Fierce beats Fierce, Fierce-Resilient beats resilient, and Cunning-Resilient beats cunning.

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Lol @Mudkipz, took about 2-3 week to get it all organized, but just 6 mins to add the 2.8 creatures and proof read lol

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Also, have you considered implementing my major/minor abilities for determining classes? Basically, every class has two major abilities, and any number of minor abilities. Any dino with a class’s major ability is automatically assigned to at least that class. For example, distraction is a major cunning ability, so a dino with distraction must be at least cunning. For the minor abilities, any dino can have any one minor ability from any class without it affecting their class, but having three or more acts like a major ability. For example, Ferocity and swap prevention are both minor fierce abilities, so a dino like Sarcorixis with otherwise only major resilient abilities (deceleration) also gains the fierce class from having these abilities as well. If a dino has only minor abilities, they are ranked equally like major abilities (so for example Tsintaosaurus would be Fierce-Resilient). The wild card class is only assigned when all three classes are sufficiently represented (a combination of at least one major ability and/or three minor abilities from all three classes). Some abilities (like nullify all or cleanse all) are neutral and can be on any class, so a dino with only neutral moves would also be a wildcard.

I actually made a Google sheet that calculates this automatically. I’d be happy to share it with you if you DM me. At the very least, I totally agree that they need to be more objective about how they assign classes.

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Why’d you put suchotator as a pure fierce?

At one point I did have plans I think i mentioned i had some reworks in the works but never got that far into them. Too many dinos and so much to balance for one person.

Did try some concepts like this with the counterattacks and ankylosaurs and trex

They were balanced but never went anywhere

Suchomimus fierce + irratator gen2 fierce = suchotator fierce.

Lol but yeah this was just a concept i came up with at one point, never really went past some concepts and theses charts although you do bring up some interesting points. This however would been like a 2.0 for classes thats way I said you should disregard current moveset and classes.

Also here’s three more concepts i found other from the class would have been similar.

oh that’s what it is

Alright, I see what you’re saying. Even with a classes 2.0, not everything would change. It’s still work trying to fix what’s already in the game. Sometimes it makes sense to do a rework to match the class (like giving Andrewtodon more resilient moves), but other times the moves are fine but the assigned class could change to match them better.

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Yeah basically sometimes it was some need distinct family moves or just kit changes like you said Andrewtondon could get resilient, slow, or more armor. However most of the times it just a description change.

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Exactly. People forget sometimes that all classes are is just a label that describes what the dino does, not necessarily the other way around. It should still make sense though, so even if it’s just a change in the label its still good.

All I know is that whatever Spionyx is, it isn’t Cunning-Fierce :rofl:


Ngl I kinda want to share my spreadsheet with you anyway. You’re the only one I’ve seen put this much thought into how classes are assigned, so I’d like to see what you think of what I’ve done.

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Lol go ahead

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