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Just a question I wanted to ask

Why does Monolometrodon have to be so weak because it’s a two common legendary, but Dracoceratops can be one of the strongest creatures in the game?

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Not sure if draco can be considered one of the strongest, as it needs to be used with other dinos to bring out the strong play. By itself, there are a few dinos that can take it out with relative ease.

That’s a question many players ask… Draco is indeed one of the strongest in terms of usefulness

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Cause why not

I like Monolometrodon‘s kit. Have been hoping to see it get a buff ever since it came out. Hard to compare it to a Dino with a move like DCs. Don’t worry, DC will eventually get nerfed.


Im actually hoping monole can be useful with boosts… as you said its a solid kit… its the stats that are lacking…but when you increase its stats it might work out… its immune… can distract and nullify

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I think it’s getting a speed and health nerf in 1.7…

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That Dino’s kit is so bomb, I wish they weren’t nerfing it. I love it. But I didn’t bother leveling it up higher than 20 because i find the immune creatures are weaker damage wise, sooo decided not to waste the coins.

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Honestly i think the speed a health nerf is a direct result with how this creature will scale with boosts…

Boosting non immunes might end up with a more powerful dino stat wise… but they can still be slowed… still be distracted…still be bleed. So you can negate their boosts so to speak… but an immune creature. Will be able to keep those boosts up all the time… immune creatures are often kept in balance by low health pools or low attacks…

I’m hoping it gets a unique at some stage and that the unique is as weird looking as monolo is