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Just a question


Heres a question: Are all the Jurassic universes (JUs) connected? Because in the original book JU Henry Wu dies by a raptor, whiles in JWTG, JWA, JP(movie) and JW he lives, and goes on to create the JW park, and indoraptor. And something else is that there was flyers inside the park in the JPbook JU, but in the film triology the flyers were on another island. Also cenozoic creatures does only exist in JWTG…
Think about it… its kinda fun to think about…


I like to think the idea for Jurassic Park was put into the creator’s minds by God. 1541365537716


The book are their own canon. The movies are their own canon. The games are their own canons, even though I’d say most of those games are based on the films. So really the movies are canon in most games (up to the point the movies were at when the game was developed). AFAIK there aren’t any games that are canon in either the books or the movies.