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Just a quick offer for a newbie

Would anyone like a temporary join for 10/10 rewards and rank 8 tourney rewards?
We have new players incoming after reset, so it’s a one time offer.
Must agree not to put anything in a sanctuary when in the alliance (alliance rules I won’t explain here). That will result in immediate kick prior to claim.
Must claim rewards promptly at reset.
Must not have expectations beyond one time act of kindness.

Very nice offer!

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May as well share the love.
We were all new once, and the rewards can really help build a useful team.

Would love that, just joined the game and contributed to my random alliance I joined 3 days ago, and was kicked just before reset without any explanation… we had rank 10 and rank 9 rewards ;(

My kid would be interested.

Hi I am interested to join your alliance I do the takedowns on tournaments, lv 15 my in game name is Megalodon360real #8855 and follow the rules of any alliance and if I need discord here ya go MegalodonGamer#6965