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Just a quick poll for impatient peeps like me

So, for some odd reason, I am a little more impatient for the 1.14 Update to come out than usual. I personally want to see the Notes sooner than usual, so we can have more time to discuss and complain and prepare for the update. Also, I heard that there is some sort of holiday, and on top of the fact that everyone is working from home, I don’t know how everything will run exactly the same. Even so, I just wanna see the Notes.

What about y’all? Do y’all want it to come out sooner?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Meh, I can wait

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Patience is often rewarded. There will be 4 full days for discussion after the notes drop, assuming Friday.

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Even though I voted yes, I believe they need time to discuss the new features and changes. You don’t want to them just rush everything out and end up messing it up


Voted no simply because I’m sooooo close to full dinodex


Discussion doesnt equate to change. Not for this game at least. So its 4 days of negative whining about things we didnt ask Ludia for…

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I would rather the update stays in Beta to get all the bugs out.

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I voted yes because I really want to see what new creatures we are getting.

But I’ve still got four creatures I desperately want to finish getting levelled to 20th before this comes out.

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Need notes before tournament. That I know what dna to save and what to lvl up.

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I 100% agree with DragonHunter on this.
We still have a chat function that’s useless, and has been since the launch of it. You can’t see the trophies on previous opponents, or friends. The last online function only works as soon as you restart the game. It ceases to work after you’ve done anything in the game. Friendly battles don’t work half the time.

We have more bugs than dinosaurs in the game at present, many of which are caused by an overload of unnecessary data required by the game. Things like emojis when battling, butterflies on the screen, blood effects, etc…

If the update puts more strain on what is already overloaded then it will create more and more bugs.

So although I will be happy to see some new dinos, other additions won’t be welcomed by me at all. It always amazes me when the notes claim to have fixed hundreds of bugs, yet invariably the same bugs infest the game afterwards, along with a host of new ones!

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I kinda hope that everything wrong with the Alliance Chat would be fixed too. I don’t know everything wrong, but I know that whatever I do notice isn’t pleasant.

The only Alliance chat bug I encounter these days is whenever I log into the game for several minutes it still shows times out requests and ones that don’t exist anymore. That’s the only issue I find on there now.

Omg that the one I hate the most. I’m over here trying to click on DNA collectors, and I can’t do it because it timed out or it is fulfilled. Then why is it still here? GET IT OFF MY SCREEN!

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Emojis are fantastic. The ability to say ‘oops’ after an improbable winning crit has enhanced the game enormously for me and I’d be distraught if that was taken away. Nothing else to do these days apart from gloat about inconsequential matters

I sometimes say oops, but I want my opponent to know that I mean it in a sincere, accidental manner. Like when I say the wrong phrase, then use the word ‘oops’, then say the response I originally wanted to say.

Literally every phrase outside of ‘good luck’ and ‘well played’ have this aura of condescending superiority that shouldn’t be there, but is. I believe that it’s mainly because of the fact that it’s used in a competitive environment, and nobody says ‘oops’ in a battle and means it. I also think it’s because you can’t really discern tone through simple text.

Soooo I believe that something should be done about emojis, just not now I guess. Eventually.