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Just a quick poll

  • Keep Swap In DSR For Dracorex
  • Remove Swap In DSR From Dracorex

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Just want to see what everyone thinks! Maybe it could use some reworking, or maybe not!

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The swap in DSR isn’t the problem; it’s that it’s the only swap in ability that only incurs a single turn of lockdown instead of 2 turns, making it easily spammable if you cant one-shot it on the next turn, which is hard if its been leveled to 18 or something. Every other swap in ability and even all he lockdown attacks apply the debuff for 2 turns, yet for some reason the most powerful swap in attack only has to deal with it for 1 turn?


Just a quick pole

cheeky monkey!


keep it of course.
it’s not problem at all.
we all know Ludia will nerf it so why thinking so much about this?


if you find a woman who says that, @MikeIsaak, then you marry her before i get a chance to - ya hear?


There are lots of them out there. Most of them cost money though :wink:

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It’s like a special card… an ace at the right time.


Are women with a sense of humor and knowledge of super played out jokes so rare in your neck of the woods?




Yikes. How rare we talkin? Kapro? Kentro? Certainly not Golden Chicken?


i hesitate to say - we’ve only just met and i don’t want you to worry overmuch about the distaff drought denizens of my desperate distract have been dealt.



… faint

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Keep on topic, please, everyone.


Sorry! Right, so swap in DSR seems like much. The other SIA give you an advantage (save a dino, swap in without taking damage, take the speed advantage, do some damage), but none of them are so dramatic. I mean, DSR is a powerful move and then make it a sucker punch? Eh.

Edit—Is there even another dino that can do DSR without a one turn delay?


There’s no strategy in this and it doesn’t make sense why the most busted swap in move goes to what was considered the biggest joke common dinosaur in the game. Top it off with the fact that it only has a 1 turn can’t swap.

Ludia having a troll move with this one


One thing that I am really really happy about …

Not that many high level players use this Dino.
It’s almost as if they have more respect for the game and themselves to use such a cheap move.

Kinda how you don’t see any UFC champs going for the low blow.


No nerfing Draco gen 2, u hate it coz u don’t have it


Noo… I definitely have it