Just a reminder of what we need for boss status

Ludia could you please give us the opportunity to win these three bosses in gold so we can have a gold boss for every original bosses here are some pictures of the three we need thanks in advance hopefully we can get these in the near future


Just for reference, what does a gold one look like? I’m curious…. because I don’t think I can tell the difference

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Here are the pictures of all the ones I have only need the other three


I don’t believe we have had a Gold Easter Dodo, either…

For my own part, I don’t have either version of Colossus or the regular Kraken


You are correct we don’t have the Easter dodo in gold I forgot about that one


Why Kraken 18 gold version seem smaller than his normal version?

The Community has had chances at the Gold versions of Salamander and Colossus, but has come up short.

I know we have come up short in both boss events just wanted another shot to see if we could complete the events next time

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