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Just a reminder that Pterovexus needs a buff

Took me like 10 mins to make this but anyway let’s get it started.
By just looking at rarity Pterovexus is a unique. Creatures of this rarity usually get their rampage moves from their parents even sometimes their parents only have impact moves. In Pterovexus’ case, giving her a rampage move makes sense cuz Darwin has DSI and Monomimus has two impact moves. As you can see in the picture. I personally think that definite rampage suits Pterovexus pretty well cuz it combines Darwin’s DSI and Monomimus’ nullifying impact. I love Pterovexus so I decided to put some effort in making it better. Of course it’s entirely up to ludia but at least I tried. If you think the same plz leave your comments below so ludia can potentially see. Thanks everyone!


I would change swoop for lethal hound


As far as attacking moves go, the birds are all rubbish.
So maybe if this one was given a decent one we may see more in the arena.
How about giving it a nice new one like swap in wounding strike?
1x damage plus 25% damage for 3 moves.
It would make Thor, Tryko, and so on think twice about hanging around. And be a contender for the most annoying Dino in the game with the rat!


Give it swap in evasive stance back. Annoying bird should still be an annoying bird, not a joke.

And in any chance, lethal swoop like Stygidaryx is recommended.

Distraction, Instant Distraction, Nullifying Rampage and Lethal Swoop with SI Wound and Immunity. With those moves it can focus on what it’s meant to do: bleed stalling. It’s not meant for high damage output.

SI evasive is a nerf for vexus. It needs that SI bleed or it’s useless.

and its friend stygidaryx… :face_with_hand_over_mouth: