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Just a simple question

…why? Is this a balanced matchmaking?

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SMH… that is Horrible! Battle system is clearly Broken

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Well I don’t know the rest of your team but I assume it doesn’t have anything like that :slight_smile:
So there’s clearly something wrong here.
Why doesn’t matchmaking take the highest dino with boosts into account? I don’t want to fight a level 30 tier 8 dino when I don’t have anything over level 28 tier 7. It can never ever be a fair match.


That’s normal … i met those people often… if your own dinos are boosted… you get higher opponents

I think it also depends on your trophy count. If yours is 5000-5500, I dont think it is that strange of an opponent, because a lot of players in that trophy range have such dinos. If your trophy count is 4500-5000, I think you are just facing opponents that should be ranked higher, and are climbing back up. With every change in MM, it just needs time to settle everything down.

Yeah, that’s more or less the answer. Around 5400 trophies you won’t see anything under level 28 (except me with my team of 27ish dinos). Also keep in mind that as time goes on more and more people with “those” dinos are getting pushed down by other people with super boosted level 30s