Just a Suggestion, for ones who are so close of getting a Unique

Soo, I have the Idea of Ludia making donations for Unique DNA, in alliances…

(could work for legends aswell)

probably this is the details:

  1. It will be held 1 once per month or 2.
  2. The max you could get is like 30.
  3. The 6hr cooldown remains.

I made this Idea the Fact I HATE being 20 off on a unique, as a level 13, getting Uniques is really a dream to me, and Scorpius is close but not too close (SR2 is ready, gorgo at 17)

And i have 230 Ptops, 230 Phorex, and MORE…

Its just annoying the fact that i can’t get Maiasaura, Paralux and stuff…

Soo, What do y’all think?

  • I like it
  • Could Work
  • NO Thanks

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No one replying here?

based on the vote i see that most people are neutral abt it, and i’d like any feedbacks…

This would make it even more easy for lower level players to get uniques without fusing them. I’ve seen people with skoona at level 9. No thank you. I think it’s a fun idea, and if championships weren’t a thing, I’d 100% say do it, but not now.

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Well then, It could be a seasonal thing, 3 months? (if so, increase it to 50 at max)

More Notes:

  1. Amount varies on level. (starts at level 10)
  2. Level 10 - 11 will get 10 DNA, 12-13, 20 DNA, and so on

I would love this idea as it will save much more time than waiting for Ludia make a creature in an event.

i have offered the seosonal unique dna to ludia and they are currently analyzing it
weird that how thoughts are near :sweat_smile::grin: