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Just a Thought from a Spanish JWA Content Creator

Hello Everyone!

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Alex, and I’m a content creator in Youtube, where my channel’s name is SimplyCarTer.

This topic is not to spam my channel (although it’s what it looks like :stuck_out_tongue:)

I would like to highlight the relevance of the Spanish speaking players in Jurassic World Alive.
A large percentage of the players in this great game come from LATAM and Spain, however, no credit or relevance is given to the content creators of Jurassic World Alive that this large audience is targeting.

The last example I have seen of this is the Jurassic World Alive Second Anniversary video, that you can see below, where no Spanish-speaking youtuber appears:

There are some youtubers like Fritopia Go, Akamonte, TitanHD or myself, that are creating content of JWA every week, and it would be amazing to take us into account, at least a little bit…

I share with you all these channels:

Fritopia Go:




I hope the message is understood.

Arriba todos esos jugadores de LatinoAmérica y España!

Best regards,



asi es compañero!!!

Do you use a pipebender to create dinosaurs?

Saludos a la pole

You are right, I introduce myself I am the creator of Jurassic World Alive Hunters one of the best Latin American groups in the game on Facebook, I make a great effort with infographics better designed than those of the Game Press, I do not mean that they are bad only to make Latin America known It should not take so much effort but even so Ludia makes a mention to us, I understand that being a large video game developer is not easy to manage and I admire you for all your efforts but it does not hurt to ask for a little support from us, thanks for reading.

Totaly agree, this is Fritopia, thanks for your message Simply, and I wish Ludia READ it. It is very anoying the situation of spanish speaker gamers and YouTubers. I am working in this vídeo game since the day 1 of JWA, and I really know the development of it and the no care of spanish speakers. Hope Ludia can read it. And YES I am doing spam, visit Fritopia Go, Akamonte, SimplyCarter YT Chanel to take a really good content.
Cheers JWA gamers and YT.

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