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Just a thought. Hear me out Ludia

Hello everyone. I’ve been a JWA player since June of last year and I really do love the game but with all the issues that have come up after the update, for the first time ever, I have thought about canceling my subscription. I hadn’t ever crossed my kind but I just feel a lot of players that play legitimately have been greatly affected by these exploits, glitches, etc.
I understand Ludia has this issue of earlier today player having the ability to purchase umlimited boosts and is currently looking into the matter, but I have some suggestions that could bring some balance back to those that say, didn’t get 30K hard cash during the tournament.
Ludia, you have deemed yourself fully responsible for the exploits or glitches. It happens, we’re human after all. You’ve already said you will not punish those that exploited their way in the tournament. Ok, I respect your decision. However, it would be fair if everybody got the difference of what they got rewarded after the tournament that adds up to 30K.

What I mean by this is simple: the top reward was 30K, 2nd place 20K and so on so how about you give out hard cash to everyone else except the top player but the totals given to each player sums up to 30K.
For example, a top 500 level got 500 hard cash, well he or she gets 29.5K cash.
Basically group each reward tier and give out hard cash that will sum up to 30K to all players.
The top player get nothing back since he got 30K. The second place gets 10K, third 20K and so on. Those that got say 7K get 23K. Point is for everyone to get 30K total. People outside the top 500 gets the full 30K.

I feel this way may restore some balance. It’s then up to us how we want to spend it. Coins, boosts, up to us. The players that spammed the purchase button to get copious amounts of boosts still get cash BUT because they are so ahead, they wont be able to continue leveling so fast. Those players need 512 (tier 9) or 1024 (tier 10) tokens anyway, so it will be slow as long as the boosts are made to just once per day.
This way everyone will have to opportunity to “catch up” some.

I don’t know just a thought. I also think this would bring back players that quit already as it would be more even and we get to decide where we spend the money on.

I love this game too much. I hate seeing it go downhill.


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This sounds perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

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