Just a thought


I noticed every arena advances to the next after 500 trophies acquired… or goes up by 500 every arena you get to EXCEPT arena 8… drop that down to 3500 for crying out loud… I know they aren’t done rolling out arenas so they could really drop it down… make it a little more accessible just sayin


What does it matter what area it is? It’s still the same people fighting in it only the background is different.


So people can get to arena 8 with underleveled dinos and then come to the forums to complain they are losing because their dinos arent strong enough? Lol probably not the smartest idea

Even a strong, balanced team can have a hard time in arena 8…


The people I dont care about… it’s those damn arena exclusives i need…


I dont think 3500 is unreasonable…


If it makes you feel any better, not every incubator gives you arena 8 exclusives… hardly ever actually… and in a higher arena with players that have higher level dinos, depending on your team, skills and luck, you might lose more often than win lol