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Just a Thread to Say Thanks

Been away for a few days and it actually improved my mood. So I think that means it is time to say goodbye. Was going to post on Poezzzie’s thread, but afraid JL and I got that one shut down. Anyway, wanted to thank so many of the terrific people I have followed or interacted with here on the forum over the many months I have been on; like @Pepito_Aie, @Wilshire1966, @Arnold, @Pateradactyl, @GorillaGlue, @ResearchGirl, @Piere87, @AndreMR and @PQC. Have also appreciated the well thought out comments and dry, humorous insights of @MementoMori. Thanks everyone for all the help you have provided in playing the game over the last year. Would thank Hersh, or send him a Koolasuchus, but I know that he has already left.


I plan to stay with the game itself a bit longer, Still enjoy the strike towers. And Pepito_Aie, I will keep checking your YouTube videos for sure. Truly appreciate you sharing those with all of us. Thanks @J.C and @Ned (sorry for putting it in reply - could not tag you both due to the arbitrary tag limit). Know that you have done your best to work with us players over these last few, crazy months. Cannot be an easy job with all the changes and technical issues that have been plaguing the game recently. Must feel like an old Universal horror film sometimes with all the pitchforks and torches outside of your castle.

I promise that i will try not to let the door hit me in the butt on my way out. Thanks again everyone!


Sad to see you go @jvpeters . I really enjoyed our conversations and battles! Stay well!

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Always a pleasure to share those videos with all of you. Sad to see you go. Maybe we will talk again another day :slightly_frowning_face:


got sick about the game? boring? no time? moving to another game?

gonna miss ya, thanks anyway.

So…you’ve been “boosted”? :joy:



Thanks for the mention. It’s good to know someone appreciates my attempts at humor. Thanks for your contributions to the forum community too. You will be missed, but I get it and wish you the best.


Bye!! :frowning:

PvE is still fun at least.

Glad to hear you are least doing that much. :slight_smile:

Hope your “Freedom” is great, may it be filled with… freedom… !