Just an idea. Hope youve had the same


I think it would super cool if you got experience points every time you created the DNA need to make the hybrids!
Second idea… the green light event thingys… would be super cool if when you went for the green supply drops that they also have a chance to award dino dna like they do the green dollars. Nothing too crazy like 5-10 DNA points for any random dino.
Third… VIPs. We should not have a daily limit in which we can receive in a day.
Hope other people like these ideas as well (if yall didnt already have them yourselves.)


Actually I found out that you do get xp from fusion it just doesn’t register immediately like a level up does!

I tested it myself! I screenshot my Xp and did a bunch of fusion and looked and it hadn’t changed so I assumed who said you did get it was wrong but I went back in after closing the game and bingo my xp had gone up!


What rolybert said. You don’t even have to leave the game usually. If you just click your profile and check your experience bar it should be higher than it showed on the other screen.


Maybe a marker, like the little XP bubbles you get when you evolve, would be a good idea. I didn’t even know I got XP from combining DNA until just now…