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Just an idea, to make boosts more bearable

I know that at this point, most of us have given up hope on the possibility of a boost-free JWA, back to the days when 129 speed actually meant something, and you could actually run a Spinotasuchus without boosting it.
And after all the trouble the past boost rollbacks involved, it seems even the second-best option, that of a removal of speed boosts alone, seems unlikely. But there aren’t really any other ways to fix the game that don’t involve a rollback or refund, so here’s an idea that lets people keep their boosts and the arena the way they are, but changes their usage a bit.

So here it is: how about for each match, when you’re dealt your lineup of 4 from your team, you get to activate the boosts you’ve allotted on…say only 1 of them, before starting the battle. Then everything else can play out as normal, so you select a dino to open with and then start the battle.
This allows people to keep their so-called “crutches”, if any, and also adds an aspect of randomness, since you never know what your opponent has, or what they’ve chosen to bring in boosted.

Obviously this’d make dealing with an opponent that has one super-boosted, overlevelled “crutch” harder to deal with, since you don’t have your fully-boosted team, but on the plus side this’d make the game less pay-to-win, and give players with higher-levelled dinos the advantage.
This would also allow you to experiment more with your team, and even play around with completely unboosted creatures on your main team.

And the best part is, there’d be no change to the boost system required.

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the idea, and alternative suggestions are welcome.

Disclaimer: I’m unaware of any previous suggestion of this sort, but if you are, feel free to link it here. It’d only get more attention.

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It devalues boosts.

Say I’ve spent thousands to boost my whole team, why should I lose what I spent by only getting to use one boosted creature?

Personally, the developers screwed up this game beyond being able to unscrew it.


Only thing to get things closer to what they were while not hurting so much people who invested $$$$$ in boosts is to keep health and attack boost while removing speed boosts.

Being able to tweak speed has broken all the sense this game had

letting a Thor be faster than a green chicken or erlidom… What sense does it have?

Every dino has its purpose… And speed is what made it possible.

Maybe thousands of hours of development, programming and testing thrown to trash for speed boosts.


The idea of boosts is not necessarily a bad thing, but the way it has been implemented is horrendous in all 3 forms we’ve seen it now. Main problem being speed boosts, second problem being too much focus on one creature or stat.
All sense of fairness and fun vanishes when huge peaks in stats appear, when your team gets wiped out by one creature because of imbalance. I still cannot comprehend what the driving force was behind the decision to implement it this way; I am certain there are other ways to still monetize it and not making it an atrocious abomination of a feature. Having a sale on it every day now seems like desperation in order to get as much out of it as possible before it collapses, or until they find another way to fix this. But I know people are not gonna take another reset.

I can only hope Ludia sees what kind of mistake they made and hold the person not thinking this through responsible. It is going to cost them a lot of investment to come up with a plan to salvage the game. Else the real fans, the people who actually play the game because they love dinos or the franchise or hunting, are going to be the first ones to say goodbye.

Personally I don’t see a fix. A reset will be a disaster, removing it will be a disaster, changing it in any way will be a disaster, so keeping it will probably be the best option. Until people are tired of spending.


Sadly, yes. This is some pickle they’ve gotten all of us into.


They aren’t getting out of without taking a big hit to funds/ profits. Only way i see this working without the complete imbalance is if the devs decide what is acceptable for boost allocations on each creature. (kinda like skins) That would require not just a reset, but a recall of all boosts. Have us start from the beginning again. Give HC or Coin refund for everything. It would greatly upset a lot of players. Many wont get the real money back that they spent on the game. (in terms of getting the back HC spent, that should work out. But the real money used to buy it… would probably have to go through Apple or Google). It be a massive cluster in the beginning, but it should settle out. At this point, there is no saving grace. They need to tarnish their name to make it better.


I would reduce the total overall effect that boosts can have on a dinosaur stats. Right now T-20 on any stat is a 50% increase (2.5% per tier) in that stat (equivalent to around 9 levels). The flat out fixed value on Speed boosts of 2 per tier means dinosaurs can be faster than others that they never should have been faster than.

I would reduce the stat effect on health and attack to 0.5% (10% maximum, not quite equivalent to 2 levels). I would also make the speed boost the same 0.5% per tier (means a dinosaur like Thor with a 109 speed could only be speed boosted to 120.

I would also change the boost price structure to 10x the tier. I.e. T-1 costs 10 boosts, T-4 costs 40 boosts, T-13 costs 130 boosts, etc. The higher the amount of tiers you want to add to a stat, the higher the overall average the price of those tiers become. Boost a stat to T-5 the average cost per tier is 30 boosts. Boost the stat to T-12 the average cost per tier is 65 boosts.

One day they’ll probably screw things up even more by allowing boosts for armor and critical chance. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Nah… one of the worst things about boosts is exactly people that make one boosted superfreak on their team to solo everything else… this would make that even worse…

There’s no way to “fix” this… that’s the reality now and we got to accept it. Health and damage boosts are already too crappy for their price. The defining thing is speed. I think making speed just +1 per boost would make things a little better though.


Is it asking too much to request an unboosted arena, that runs side by side with the catastrophe that is the current arena? Give players the choice on if they want to participate among the chaos or go back to actually outplaying your opponent rather than outspending them.

It could work the same way the unboosted tournaments do. Where your boosts are just removed when you enter that arena. That way, players who have invested a lot of boosts into their team don’t have to lose them and can choose to battle that way when they feel like it.

I know this isn’t exactly a fix for rebalancing the boosts themselves, but it may bring some fun back to the game. Especially for those of us who have chosen to remain unboosted after the last reset. Just a thought.


I agree. Not sure there is any way to fix the game at this point. I am sure that many of the big spenders don’t see a problem at the moment. They will, however, when everyone over a level 10 realizes that to compete you need to pay real dollars and so they drop the game.

All of a sudden the arena starts looking more and more like…


I saw your pic and heard that Man with no-name whistle from The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

The Good: the game
The Bad: Boosts
And The Ugly: a game abandoned by the players.


Boosts cant be fixed, but they can be quarantined. Make them apply to level 30 dinos in the top arena. Saves most of the rest of us being impacted.

Getting rid of boosts would mean a change of business model for Ludia. Very possible and better in the long run. However, from looking at the other forums Ludia only seem interested in making a quick buck.

Anyone any idea how long the similar Ludia games have been going for?

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