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Just announced


… on Twitter, Brachio released to the wild :smiley:

Ok, finally they announce this

Sometime this month, eh? That wasn’t such a long wait after all… :slightly_smiling_face:


already got it. probably only usable in arena 6 and below.


This is going to be the problem with new species and hybrids… they’ll be “easy” to add to the deck but won’t be anywhere near leveled up enough to be as usable in PVP battles as our current line up… I still like the idea of mixing things up, just gotta work to get more DNA for them


Any informations about which habitat zone so far?


it’s a recently info, so…


Yeah, I mean if anyone makes an observation in that matter…


Just give them some love :heart_eyes:


They gonna be only in stinking places like junkyards and sewers :rofl:

You are gonna have to suffer in order to get one :rofl::rofl:



I’m pretty sure Brachiosaurus lives in breweries. Some of them maybe in distilleries. Naturally :wink:


Oh that’s a good point. I guess new dinos will always be for the collection part of the game now. Unless people pay a lot to make them worth battling, which I guess some will do


:joy::joy::joy: now I understand the question