Just Another "SCREW YOU" to None-Big-City Populations


Out of all those AR games, how about give rural populations an advantage for once. Give them something inversely proportional to the population of an area?


I agree I live about 5 miles from a town and I maybe get a dino or 2 every once in a while, if you ask me there needs to be more around areas like mine it would make more since.


I agree, I live in an apartment complex. I can’t drive so am not able to get out to all the places they want you to go to find the dinos. I have only gotten 2 dinos so far even though I have darted more than that. I can’t figure out how to move from one spot too.


All AR games need to have the decency to put a disclaimer on top: “this game is only optimal for big cities, we don’t care about the rest”. So that at least I won’t be paying into this game.

the nearest Warmart to me is 500km of gravel road away. the nearest AMC is 1000Km away. I lived in a desolated place to ensure that my province can enjoy near 100% green energy. The developers don’t give a damn about the remote areas Quebec Hydro stations are. Yes Quebec hydro supplies Ludia with cheap energy.


Don’t feel bad…
I live in Reno, Nevada. Far from rural. Good sized city.
Spawns are terrible.
the event for AMC means zero for me. Nearest AMC is 6 HOUR DRIVE AWAY!
RENO is not a small city btw.

This game has the worst devs ever.


They should indeed put “this game is only intended for big cities” disclaimer up and top.

interestingly enough, I somehow got a sense how Trump could be voted the president. Being located in the largest city of Canada, Ludia really look at the rest of us with contempt and apathy.


I live in rural. I have a spawn point just outside my house. Just thought i would rub it in.


They run off Google Maps for the start of it, so anything marked as a park on Google Maps they use,

If it’s not marked as a park on there then that’ll be the reason


I live rural and it has plenty of drops and dinos.
My village has far more drops and dinos then PoGo.


I find pokestops are around 3-4 times for frequent than dinostops. About same rate for pokemon: dinos… i just don’t run out of pokeballs ever, but DNA darts run out of all the time.


are we talking about a normal plain spawn point with normal dinos. Please progress further and look into spawn mechanism, only after that, frustration can set in.


oh they are marked as parks.


That seems pretty random and unconnected to the population or other AR games. My place is small town, typical rural area, and in Pokemon GO it used to be middle of nowhere until recent changes that added few stops (there was none) and there were merely single Pokemon spawns along then road. From the other hand, there were plenty of Dino spawns and few supply drops in JWA even before recent supply drop update, and now it’s even better. I can see from my house 5-6 dinos on fixed spawns for all the time, and there are at least same number of random encounters in my nearby area, at least one of which is rare. Have even seen few purples and oranges from home or on short walk, all of this in town with just about 3k citizens.


That title is completely false. We had a single pokestop in our massive area but in JWA we’ve got at least 20.
They literally cannot please everyone. These drops are made through Google maps point of interest markers. Ludia literally can’t help you not having any points of interest on Google maps in your area.
PoGo relied on people having made Ingress portals, much worse than JWA.
So stop blaming Ludia for this one. Blame Google for not caring about your area. This doesn’t justify you not being able to play in your area, I get that, but direct the rant towards the real issue.


Google recognizes lots of features, while missing just some. Ludia failed to recognize any of the features. lots of dinos never spawn in the town since beta (for example, none of the diplodocus class) . The title is not completely false.


I think they are more rural friendly than other AR games I play. I move between places so they share my activity, but being active gave me Supply drop on one location and spawn on the other so I am pretty happy with rural game play.


People, give it time to be updated. Pogo had the same problem and it was eventually updated. These things take time.


We visited Reno this week - I’ve seen at least 2 T-Rexes, Several other Epic spawns and way more rares than back home in Las Cruces, New Mexico! And that said, I don’t feel I’m at a supreme disadvantage playing this game in a small town - heck, you can always find Velociraptors and various other raptors at night. And then collect Einiosaurus and Nundasuchus like crazy and fuse an Einiosuchus - some of the top players still have fairly common dinos in their teams. Get creative!


The difference here is that, I am a payer, moderately heavy at that too. Now, tell me, why should I pay just to be equal or subpar to a free player? I should have never paid or even get into this game, my naive faith in this company is to blame as well. If you still haven’t been bored by the monotony of the game play yet, good for you, keep going and keep paying.

with the same amount of gold, less effort and less of looking like an idiot under the sun or moon or rain or wind, tapping on your cell phone right in the middle of the street, you can get 3 Epic dinosaurs to level 15 or you can have 1 lvl15 cow-croc (einio suchus). While these epic dinosaurs are well on their way to be Lengendaries, By all means, your prerogative to be creative.


You are correct. If you are not enjoying the time you spend playing the game, then you should never have played it or spent money on it! It’s a game. It’s meant to be fun and stimulate your brain, so if it’s not doing that, then you should stop playing.

That said, I don’t think players in large cities have a huge advantage without spending extra money - if they just play in their local area they are not going to get tons of extra dinosaurs. They will have to take the time and spend money to get around their big city in order to find extra dinosaurs just like you are doing.

And FYI - The “croc-cow” (Einiasuchus) as you put it is one of my best in the arenas! It has an amazing defense and can tank it out against Velociraptor.

Also, my hubby swears by the Allosaurus. He thinks that one fights great.

But if figuring out how to cobble together teams and build up special dinosaurs over months is not fun, then don’t get creative. Just cut your losses and play something that will bring a smile to your face. :smile: