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Just battled my first bot


That I’m aware of anyway. Stupid thing had a lvl 22 I-rex and multiple tragods.
I don’t even want to mention how many times I got crit from the Tragod. Ugh…


Wait till you play the one with multiple draco gen 2…good times


Thats nightmare fuel. No thank you! Lol


Lol multiple draco g2 and multiple allosinos and an indo was the one i got the other day… only reason i won was it kept swapping in allosinos


You got lucky it seems.


I’m around that number of trophies… I never fought a bot that I know of (at least never seen repeated dinos in a battle).


If you lose to a bot don’t tell anyone. I did once and I cannot get over it. They are easy money most fights regardless of what they have.


I’m not too worried about it honestly. I’ve had bad luck today anyway, just adds to it. Lol


Did you ask the bot to go inside? :joy::joy:

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Hey Asta, I guess we played(username: Sam) each other like couple days ago. Good to find the real person.


Nope! :joy:

@Sammie Ah! I remember that, we fought twice, you beat me once and I beat you the second time around. I lurk around here, so you’ll see me pretty often.

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Well atleast they fixed it to where bots don’t lose trophies, or they were supposed to. Because I lost 50 trophies once fighting a stupid bot.


Yeah. It’s like a strong wall at around 4250 for me. If I somehow cross that line, I will be heading back to 4100s again. I am really hating that. Everyone seems to have exact same team.

So I have leveled my IRex to 21 to beat the crap outta others, then RNG is killing me with the Dodge fails. Argggghhhhhhh


I am hanging around 4100-4300. Which is fine since I was stuck in the marshes for 5 months.
I have a mixed team, not quite like everyone else’s.