Just beat "Chris Pratt"


So funny!


Hahahahhahahah please, tell me you used his Raptor Squad (or at least Blue) against him!


I don’t have them :disappointed:.

I was three points away from getting Blue :cry::sob:


Awww sorry to hear. Still hilarious!


My post about “booing him” for interrupting my game was sarcastic. Why in the heck was that hidden? Why do they put more work into screening sarcastic comments than investigating actual issues people are posting about their game and acknowledging they are working to fix them


Can u tell how to be able to move the drone someplace else. Like closer to a dino


you got to physically walk closer mate if they’re out of range


I just started and all I have is a drone thing and can’t get it to move


If/when a dinosaur spawns near your actual location, it will appear on your map. If you are within range of it, the “LAUNCH” option will become available. The time you have to dart it is subtracted from the time the drone takes to fly to it & return so the closer you are to it the more time you have for darting. When your drone is above the dinosaur, you will have a “top down” view of it with a targeting reticle superimposed over it. Touch your device’s screen & hold your finger still. The dart fires each time you remove your finger from the screen. While your finger is on the screen, slowly & slightly slide your finger in the direction you want the targeting reticle to travel. The more the distance you slide your finger, the faster the reticle will travel. As the dinosaur is unaware of you at first, you should always be able to hit a dead center shot on every first encounter because it startles after being shot & begins moving away, faster with each followup hit. Repeat the process for each shot. From then on, it’s a prediction of where it’s going combined with leading it just enough to keep scoring bullseyes until the time runs out & your drone returns. I hope this helps you. If it doesn’t then you might have a hardware of software issue. Good hunting.


Well this thread just took a twisted turn


I wonder why the game developer is allowing set usernames. You think they would have not allowed certain names


how do you get blue in the game


Right now you can’t. She was a featured dino a week ago in the event but she is gone now. All we can do is wait for them to release her in the wild.