Just broke 4600!

It’s amazing just how much of a difference Indoraptor can make to a team! Before the Halloween events I didn’t have Indo unlocked and could only JUST break 4100 but kept getting knocked back in Sorna Wastelands…and now with just one additional dino and a level on a couple of others, I’m now over 4600 lol

Can’t wait till I can break 5000 and start working towards taking my place in the Top 500!


Congrats bro!
I have a feeling you’re gunna be up in the top 500 in no time at all! :trophy:


Congrats @Stiffeno! I just broke 4500 today for the first time. You lept right past me. Add me: MagicFingersJr2 #8188

@Hersh, I love your videos too!


Thanks ^_^, how many trophies do you need to have to be in the top 500 btw?

Does anyone happen to know?

#500 is right at 4979.


Hmm seems like im a fair ways off then as the battles im doing now are having more than just a single unique in them…and ive only got Indoraptor =/.

Perhaps after I level up a few more things and maybe unlock one more unique I can get close to it!
Its actually lower than I thought to be in Top 500, so it doesn’t seem that undoable after all :heart_eyes:


Congrats mate. You’ll
Get there. My highlight was sneaking into the top 500 during the last tournament for two days. Then quickly back down. My goal is still to get to Lockwood. If I can get the green chicken I may be able to push closer.


I was at 4484 and opened a grey incubator, went to battle to fill it’s slot, and went on a losing streak, down into 4300s now…

Congrats, man. Just dont get your hopes to high: keep in mind that there is no tournament ongoing… once the new tournament starts, that when all the sleeping giants come out to play. I hope you break 5000 before the tournament starts. Good luck.


Yeah I know not to aim too high because I know ill get to a point where my team simply isn’t sufficient to compete!

My Indoraptor is ready for level 25 now when I have the coins, so that will def help! And I think ill also have about 1/3rd of the way to level 26 straight away due to good fuses and our Indo darting!

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Great job @Stiffeno !! :heart_eyes:


Lol the green chicken! I would not call him that to his face :scream::scream:


Thanks ^_^!

When my son is at school tomorrow im start working on Episode #3 of my video series and try and break 4700 for the episode…if I fail ill include footage also lol.


Gunna be ages till I get the Green Chicken, I don’t even have the Legendary spitter unlocked yet and Ourano is only level 13 with 0/200 to level 14. I just DONT see them ever -_-!
Seriously ive seen less Ourano then I have Sino…and Sino is bad enough!

I don’t even have Pyrritator or Utahsinoraptor unlocked…though they are only 20 DNA each away from unlocking!

I did run into an Epic Baryonix today in the DAYTIME O_O, got me enough DNA to get me to within 80 DNA of its legendary hybrid! I want it BAD! Its a beast when I face it!
I mean when it isn’t 2 shotted by Invincibility Emu that is haha!

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Where are your videos posted?

Edit: There are more on YouTube on my channel that aren’t linked in the thread! I only link the main series there!


After a long time between 4300 and 4500 on Saturday with my newly released Indoraptor I reached 4706, I already dreamed of reaching the 5000. 24 hours later it had descended to 4396 (310 points of descent) and now, two days later, I am still in 4430 … Maybe because that same day everyone got Indoraptor :slight_smile:

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Maybe you are just having a losing streak and will make it back up in no time once it breaks!

And yeah there are a LOT more Indos now, basically every single person I face now when I check their teams, they have Indoraptor! lol

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In fact, most computers are clones;

A Momominus

An Indoraptor

An Indominus

A Stegodeus

3 more between Tragodistis, Stegoceratops, Gorgosuchus, Tryostonix and Monostegotops

And some “original” between megalosuchus, Dilonosauro, rajaKylosauro, pyrritator, Utasinoraptor,

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