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Just buff cloak already

For lords sake ludia can you just buff cloak and revenge cloak to 100% dodge cause I’m tired of losing to fierce creatures cause and other cunning creatures cause I can’t dodge once, FREAKING ONCE. Like revenge cloak is basically the worst unless your just lucky. And its not like the creatures will be too strong since thanks to y’all making everything counter distraction and dodge. And for stuff like the indominus just remove distraction resistances if cloak gets too powerful. Seriously ludia the meta is already stale at least give some creature a chance.


100% agree that cloak has become useless since the resilient moves came in.

It truly is a sad state of affairs when everything seems to be geared to making Thor stronger with every update.


I can’t agree more. We’ve been saying this since 2.0 dropped. Resilience has wrecked dodge based creatures when it wasn’t necessary. A few anti-dodge here and there is fine but there are too many resilient based creatures.


While thats true i do believe it good that some counter it resilient should counter cunnings with one move though instead there whole kit and stat is what should counter them.

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Cloak is the biggest loss cause unlike other there is usually no chance to get a 2 or third chance it usually relies one one.

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I think they should just remove all resilient abilitys, and give all the creatures with them the superior versions rename superiority to resilient, and i think they’d be more balanced, cleanse distraction, percision and deceleration are enough(and make SR cooldown 1 instead of 2)


I would be against that but i do also believe there need to be some dodge removal. Not one all especially on rares and commons more like uniques but very sparingly

For example the towers could just have there strikes to deal with dodge and cloak and then the rampages to just finish the job. Or else they will just be resilient that counter other resilients and fierce. One others I definitely would mind losing that ability if they instead get something else to compisate for it ex: trykosaurus

U could argue about that as nullification is very scarse since 2.0, tho then again percision and stuff especialy since newer cunnings geniunly seem to have only enough hp to tank like 2 hits from resilients, so resilients would certanly still counter them, but i think a move that literaly nullifys/cleanses everything a cunning could dream of doing as well as gives it it’s worst nightmare of a negative effect is just unfair

True but then you could the same thing about cunning and fierce moves, or something like devious and cautious strike

Again though two or maybe 3 with just those moves would be enough again there whole kit shouldn’t be it but at least one part, as for nullification is problematic since it would counter everything

I think it’s not the same for cunnings and fierce as newer fierce creatures seem to be able to cleanse, forcing cunnings to fall back on dodge wich is very RNG based

True but again thats ludia just screwing how the classes work. Like honestly for me a move should have one or the other never both cause them there is no weakness. Cautious strike was just so op and still is cause there is no weaknesses its dodge and distracted so if either fails the other covers it, it speeds up so it can just outspeed things and precise so other dodgers can escape; then before it could cleanse so any negative effect was just erased. Cunnings is not really a combination since it really is just distraction but it also handles crit so it like distraction + , and stuff like evasive, dodge and cloak are just well dodge. But stuff like devious strike, cautious, and such is just too much in on move its the same problem for fierce that resilient is for cunning kinda the same with definite moves. We cant call out one move when others are just if not more guilty.

Like if a fierce should probably never cleanse distraction cause that is literally the primary way to counter it. Like stiff with the highest attack in the game shouldn’t just remove one of only 2 ways to counter it.

Maybe it does make scense as fierce shift to cleansing and cunnings to dodging, wich kinda drops the diversity tho

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Resilient attacks would be fine if they didn’t hurt every dodge based creature out there. I’ve said it many times but it makes dodgers almost pointless. At least resilient attacks should have been handed out more sparingly.

Yes. There should always be counters to something but as I say above, there are too many dodge counters with resilience.

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Ya exactly, it drops to many counters. We shouldn’t just have a few creatures be able to defeat a very common threat.

That along with how powerful the move is just the main problem and its why the meta is the way it is. Plus most fierce creature just straight up losing to resilient

Yeah thats true, but i still feel like the cunning resilient realation is more unfair then then the cunning fierce realation, if cunning strike was what RS was then it’d be cautios strike that nullifys ferocity, or even fierce strike if the main thing resilients do is decelerate then in the end of the day wouldn’t fierce strike cleanse deceleration? That’d be kinda op with the shatering wich is the case with the resilient moves i feel like with what the stats in cunnings are shifting to the full dodge removal should be more scarse.

I feel this doesen’t get brought up enough, resilient moves should not remove speed increases, erlidom for example can actualy withstand one deceleration with a few speed boosts and a speed up strike however resilient moves fully eliminate that option

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