Just came to say Farewell

Hey all I just wanted to officially say goodbye to this lovely community, its been a wild ride so far over the past year hehe, some good times, some bad, some hilarious (those Woodcocks yo lol).

Anyway I was going to wait until 1.9 to make my final decision and give my C Team experiment a go, but unfortunately they still get unfair matches.

I wanted to thank all the great members and staff for all the interesting discussions we have all had together (and all those warnings in my early days haha j/k), but the situation with the game is no longer tenable for me, as im finding myself logging in less and less, and even not at all sometimes.

I also wanted to thank the Ludia dev team for how great the game was PRIOR to 1.7, as it was fun, entertaining, good exercise getting out and going on 7 hour raptor night hunts (yes I did this the night before the 2nd Indoraptor darting attempt lol), as well as wonderful dinosaur art design and animations/sounds (Monomimus is hilarious when it shakes it head and goes “Grrrr” lol).

I will be over the next few days talking to my alliance and figuring out who to best take it over, as im not going to close it as its pretty well established now and doing well!

For those who enjoy my new “Stiff & Phoenix” puppet show, I will be continuing to make episodes on YouTube, however they will be about Dinosaurs and Dinosaur movies in general, no specific JWA.

But before I go I would like to list all my offical reasons for leaving, as its best to make it clear so hopefully the powers that be can do something to stop this happening to the rest of the players, as I honestly do NOT wish to see the game go under as it still does bring a lot of fun to other players.


  1. Game is no longer as originally advertised.
    The game I signed up to was a dinosaur hunting game with a competitive battle system, however boosts have taken away any semblance of balance, and therefore competitive battles are no longer possible in the arena unless you constantly pump money into following the carrot on the stick.

In the past I knew that given time, I could slowly grind up my team and slowly make my way up the leaderboard, and hopefully break into the Top 500.
Unfortunately this is no longer possible, because even if you had a full team of level 30 dinosaurs, and great strategy in battles, its still not enough, as you need boosts as well. I mean sure they give +4 in the daily incubators, but what good is 4 when they sell packs of 100? there is literally no way to ever catch up unless you pay.

But you may say “But Stiff, in the end everyone will be even at tier 10!” - but to that I say, no not really because they will just increase the tier from 10 to 15 or even 20.

  1. Not listening to the community.
    Basically in the past Lydia would somewhat listen to us when we had grievances, such as all the complaints about 180 speed Thors when 1.7 launched, or the horrible darting. And they actually fixed this issues which was nice. However they refuse to balance the rat and matchmaking, as well as our wanting them to remove boosts entirely…or at the very least the speed ones. However while there is even a single player still buying the boost, it will never end.

  2. Not fixing game breaking bugs.
    I cant even remember how long the alliance chat has been broken without being fixed. I know I seen a post by one of the mods saying they are working on it, but seriously it should have been fixed 6 months ago - “Working Hard? or Hardly Working?” lol j/k

Well those are the reasons.

If there are members who still wish to keep in contact with me feel free to contact me and I will maybe setup a discord or something so we can hang out if you wish…I mean Stiff & Phoenix will need a fan page anyway haha, all 3 fans need some way to chat haha!

Well I wish everyone the best of luck and will be keeping my fingers crossed for the game to improve in a way that satisfies the loyal player base =).

Im not going to list the names of all the individuals that I have had great times with as there are too many, and if I happen to forget one (ive got bad memory due to untreated sleep apnea) it might make someone feel bad. So I wish EVERYONE the best, staff also =)

Edit: Oh and I wrote a little song to give players a chuckle lol

Its called - “The Day the Balance Died!”

[Song Opening]
A long long time ago
I can still remember how
That battle never got me riled
And I knew if I had a chance
That I could make my team advance
And maybe they’d be rated for a while
But April came and made me quiver
With every patch that they’d deliver
Bad news in the changes

I couldn’t take all this “Shet” (“Shet” Meaning - To Make free or obsolete)
I remember how much I cried
When I read about his boosted dine (Velocithor’s)
Something made me rage inside
The day the balance died

Bye Bye, Arena balance goodbye!
Drove my Sino to the battle, but his boosted his Dines
There’s no way to win, unless you pay all the time
Thinking “This will be the way the game dies! This will be the day the game dies!”

[Verse 2]
Do you like the balanced stuff?
Or do you have faith in Thor above?
If you boost his speed enough
Do you believe in skill and Strat?
Can balance end this, stinking rat
Can you teach me how to boost Draco?
Well, I know that you’ve been boosting him
'Cause I saw your Draco flying in
Your rat refused to lose
Man, I hate those Re-pug-nant boosts
I had been slowly grindin’, my whole team up
But now I just, cant seem to give a cluck (picture of chicken pops up)
Coz I knew that my team was clucked (another picture of chicken pops up)
The day the balance died

Bye Bye, Arena balance goodbye!
Drove my Sino to the battle, but his boosted his Dines
There’s no way to win, unless you pay all the time
Thinking “This will be the way the game dies! This will be the day the game dies!”

[Verse 3]
And there we all were, in one place!
The dedicated, palms on face
With no choice but to start again!
“Oh come on! Rat be nimble? Thor be quick?”
Thanks for turning, all of our teams to “Shet” (look up the meaning)
Boosts are a Draco’s only friend!
And as we watched Rat take the stage
I felt, an inner, burning rage
No way, no chance in hell
To stop this Draco Hell
And as the threads flamed through the night
It looked like a sacrificial right
I saw Draco laughing, with delight
The Day the Boosts Arrived

We were thinking, Bye Bye, Arena balance goodbye!
Sent my Dino to the battle, but his boosted his Dine!
There’s no way to win, unless you pay all the time
Thinking “This will be the way the game dies! This will be the day the game dies!”

[Verse 4]
I met a girl who refused to boost
And I asked her what the hell to use
But she just cried and ran away
I went down to the forum boards
Where I’d heard the news of boosted Thors
But the Ren there said he didnt wanna play
And in the streets the children screamed
The players cried, and the newbs all dreamed
But the patch notes, they had spoken
The game was all but broken
And the three things I despise the most
The Thor, The Rat and the host of bugs
They seem to make me rage the most
The day the balance died
And we were thinking

Bye Bye, Arena balance goodbye!
Sent my Dino to the battle, but his boosted his Dine!
There’s no way to win, unless you pay all the time
Thinking “This will be the way the game dies! This will be the day the game dies!”


Toodles! :wave:

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I’ll miss your posts. My days here are probably numbered anyway since I’ve accomplished my obtainable goals and burn out is starting to really set in. I’ll stick it out to 1.9 at least but until then wil most likely cut down with nothing more to achieve.


I’ve been on the forum for almost a year, and thinking about quitting the game/forum as well.
btw dunno how but I was ranked 6 in the tournament


welp farewell and good luck in your real life. this is a game and is meant to be walked away from to pursuit things that really matter. you know where to find us :yum:keep in touch.

so now its time to face the violin, as all of us will now or later. take care bud!!



I know how you feel man. I am in the same boat. I see myself playing less and less. I used to enjoy the game and always had the motivation to play the game. But as soon as boosts were haphazardly introduced, I have no motivation to even battle. I play JWA just for the sake of hunting dinosaurs, donating, make my rounds for the day, and pop scents. I refuse to go into the arena to battle anymore. I can sense the burn out point is coming, however I am having high hopes that maybe Ludia will actually do something that pleases players instead of fill their wallets in 1.9.


Thanks mate, ive been wanting my own violin playing Mr Krabs for a while lol


But what about Phoenix and Stiff?!

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They will continue making dinosaur related videos on Youtube =)


Thank goodness :joy:

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Well kinda sucks since I think we always have similar thoughts on things and had some good laughs. But I can’t even blame you and have no “buts” because all this is true. They do not listen. Ludia is ratting us (so that’s why the rat exists, I get it now). Well idk if 1.9 might bring you back but I hope it might provide some relief.

I’ll still follow your new show xd


You wait till you are introduced to their mate “Rocky” the rock :slight_smile:

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Awww really? We have shared lots and it is sad to see you go! Take care!

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See you tomorrow…:slight_smile:


no stay for the RAT memes!!!?!


The least we can do is give you the review you deserve on Google Play, only one star lol

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A Real shame. You were quite enjoyable too. Will you at least be in the forums still?

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After I finish the transfer of alliance leadership (as I need to contact my members easily since the alliance chat is…bad) no, not anymore because it will just be like watching something you once loved die slowly.

I will setup a discord channel though which will mainly be used for those who like the Stiff & Phoenix puppet show, and ill be on that. But not JWA forums anymore.

I will miss posting all those chicken and woodcock meme’s though lol

Currently recording the last JWA based puppet show :), the newer ones will be dinosaur based though.

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You will be missed!

But sadly I understand your reasons.

Wishing you all the best!