Just cant compete lately

Theres a weird place in arena. A place where level 28 to 30 dinos live. Seems to be between top 185ish and top 350ish. I spend a lot of time here. I cant seem to break out of it.

I dont know if its my team (curse my lack of tryko and low level rinex)

My rng

My strats

A combo.

But the few times I can get close, I get knocked down. Down, down, down.

I see plenty of folks on my own friends list, people I used to be ranked higher than, far far above me now, with dinos around 26.

Makes me feel like Im pretty bad at this game. And maybe I am.

Its discouraging though, to not even be in the top 20 of your own list:

Im getting a bit bored. I feel like I cant progress my team.

Im not sure what Im doing wrong. Why cant I be one of the guys in top 150 with my level cards? What am I missing?

Any feedback that can be provided appreciated.

Youre above me, I topped out in the tournament at 4880, but I too am losing ground. I hunt but not all the time, I have a job and a GF who quit playing a while ago. I am trying but now Im seeing level 25-28 dinos at the lockwood/ aviary area and I cant dart enough to keep up.

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Stegoceratop for IRex. You need to farm stegosaurus dna asap…

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Is it because you are a night player and the only “night only” spawns you have acess too in JWA are Charlie, Delta, Echo and Giraffatitan?

I can totaly see how it would be hard to compete!

*this sarcasm was filmed before a live studio audiance.

Thanks guys.

Im not sure how to interpret this -

I know its sarcasm, but I dont know which part :man_shrugging:

I’d swap Monomimus or Megalosuchus in for Indominus


We’ve had some fun battles, so know that I’m not trying to be harsh here, but in my opinion that team looks like there are 3 or 4 dinos that carry you that far, but the rest of everything is kind of not up to the challenge that high. Unless you get just the right team…

That being said, I’m not a high flyer anymore either. Topped out at around 55 at my best, but then yeah… dropped like a stone (oddly enough, when I stopped paying a lot). Now I spend most of my time at around 5K or below (on purpose), since I get super bored fighting the same 3 or 4 uniques every battle. Lockwood and lower trophy aviary have some fun stuff in them, and it’s a challenge! My desire to rack up trophies and rank high is waning, as my interest in challenging fights and oddball dinos grows. Priorities I guess.

Here’s my goon squad, mostly built to counter all the stuff I will seemingly never be able to finish making…

Wish I had some good advice, but all I can say is maybe work on a little diversity?


Nice team. Maybe a higher level tank. Like 30 stegodeus or 25 + trago or stegoceratops. Your tank seems low in comparison to your other dinos. Mine are higher and I stay 1000 trophy levels below you, on purpose though.

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I appreciate your honesty. Its easier to hear “you dont belong that high” than “wow, with a team like that youre struggling?”

Know what i mean?

Interestingly same here.

:thinking: perhaps I will try this. Thank you.

Thanks @Dinocop ! Good advice, and perspective.

Getting bored is the key point, and I know exactly how you feel.

Thanks for understanding what I was trying to say! You have a couple dinos I would love to have (and HATED facing) haha!

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Honestly, I think it’s just your creature levels. Your Dilorach is at a good level, but everything else is just 1 or 2 levels behind. We’re in about the same area rank-wise, so all opponents are gonna be L26-29 with very similar teams. Sadly, imo, creature level is the hardest part to progress in these days.
It’s definitely not your strategy that needs work… I’ve had my fair share of thrashings by you in the past lol. But I did notice in our last match that if your Tuora was 2 levels higher, you would’ve won.

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Yeah :frowning:

Haha thanks! My green chicken for some reason always fuses well. I think Ive gotten maybe 3 10s total lol. Idk why.

@ardens Yeah, that makes sense. I would agree with that.

Haha ty my friend. Those thrashings go both ways for sure :slight_smile:

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I kinda started slacking in battling once I got to rank 75, due to the level disparity. So many times it’d be my level 27 or 28 up against a 30 and I’d lose the matchup, but would’ve won if my creature was 29-30. A lot of times it’s Meg v Stegod. My Dilorach is L24, so it has no chance outspeeding most Spino/Dilo/Mono that I see. It’s frustrating knowing your strategy would work if you were even with, or closer to the opponent’s level.

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get all those thoughts out of your head. get your head up and keep at it. make sure that this is the team that you want to settle with and level up the low ones. untill then you will hit a level wall. you have the brains to take a good team high and ive seen you in the 5400s and up. it happens man. just stay focused.

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im usually 80 - 150ish. my team is not much different than yours. same level spinotasuchus, 1 lower utarinex, 4 higher stegodeus, 2 higher indoraptor. i don’t even use green dilo because mine is only 21. 26 is a beast.

i think thor is a waste at level 22. mine is 23 and cant compete. never gets to even use rampage. i still love monomimus (mine is 4 higher than yours though). although i don’t use it anymore, stegoceratops is very under-rated i think. maybe try using them.

for me it’s still the same old thing… you get the crits, dodges and stuns and you win. WAAAAAAY more important that dino levels.

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It’s late here, but I know one thing and that would be you need to hang in there :blush: the game can be super frustrating. I’m much lower trophy wise than you, but try to balance offense and defense. You have a lot of hard hitters which is awesome. This is just my opinion, but I think indom and thor at that level are hurting more than helping. Take care and keep smiling!

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Yeah. I wish strategy played a larger part in these battles. Really hoping we hear more about competitive level synced content soon.

Haha thanks Pat. I appreciate the encouragement my friend :slight_smile: Good advice too, will do!!

My dilo carries my team really hard. I admit that, it IS a beast. I honestly like mono, but at my level it just hits like a wet noodle. Ill try to get it up.

Ditto for the stegocera, i forget sometimes just how good that dino is…

Thank you for the advice :slight_smile:

I think youre right, and I appreciate it :slight_smile: I need to let it go lol. And smiling is important too - amazing how that outward expression can change the inward feelings :slight_smile:

Thank my friend.

Thank you all of you - my friends :slight_smile: I really appreciate it.


Yikes! If you’re thinking you can’t compete , I might as well quit. We’ve matched up several times and you definitely know how to win. That’s just this game . You’re almost at the finish line. You’ve got the line up , just not the maxed levels . Tryk would put you over the top for sure, but I think the reason you’re down on trophies comparatively is how rng is swinging for you atm.

This game would do itself a huge favor by making more Dinos viable to create variety.

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Thank you so much my friend :slight_smile: you have quite a solid team yourself! Youve beaten me plenty of times too :slight_smile:

And yeah. I try real hard not to blame rng, but when the majority of your 75% stuns dont land several games in a row, its frustrating.

Thank you for the encouraging words :slight_smile: