Just checked Tapjoy's Better business bureau rating


They have 1000 complaints.

Out of 123 reviews, they have 1 positive reveiw and 122 negative reviews.

This gives tapjoy a B rating.

Umm, can the BBB not do math. How can this be anything but an F rating?

I read a employee review of Tapjoy

They said that" the place is run like a frat house."

“The support team is understaffed and overworked.”

“The sales team is treated like rockstars.”

“The company does not care about its customers. The gamers.”

Interesting observations from the inside. Sure seems that they do not care for customers from the outside.


This was an employee’s rating of tapjoy


Doesn’t seem to be harming their profits though.


They probably made a bit off me. Wasted enormous amounts of my time only to withhold my compensation.

That’s now apart of their profits.

They also save quite a bit on not hiring proper support staff


Wonder if any of those apps do a quick google search of tapjoy scams before signing up.

Or if they care


The thing is ludia are letting tapjoy get away with not giving us our JWA Bux. This is fraud in the biggest extent


Topjoy didn’t give me reward eventhough the quest finished​:persevere::thinking::triumph: