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Just Couldn't Hang! Killer Blow For The End! LOL 😁

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It Ended Quickly!!! LOL. Still Had A Blast!!!:joy::grin:

Perhaps We’ll Cross Paths Again!!!:smiling_imp:

OwooEeeee… That Was A Nasty Blow At The End!!!:grin:

Well, The Only Thing I Can Say Is,
Whenever You See My Pretty Black Face Pop Up There On That Screen Your Looking At,
Your More Than Welcome, To Pass Rite By ItπŸ˜‰
With All Do Respect Mr Shovion :grin:

Plus, It Will Be Hard To Miss Considering, I Have My Beautiful Little Mixed Baby Girl In The Picture With Me​:kissing_heart::kissing::grin:

Uh. Congrats on being a human that made another human?

Either way, the spam is annoying. So are these mods that flag your post over nothing being said that was offensive.

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Thanks For Your Input Mr.Shovion​:+1::smiley:

And If It Makes You Feel Any Better, I Think You Can Still See What You Said Somehow :wink:

It’s not that easy for many people, especially professionals who delay starting a family until their 30’s.

Reproduction is also a central aspect in many cultures, regardless if it is derived from religion or secular values.

I’m fact, I have a pet theory that property laws in all modern societies have developed as a result of emphasis on the parental-child relationship. I don’t have enough data points on societies where children are considered communal and how that relates to settlements and the distribution of resources.

Kinda neat to think about how we may have a more equitable distribution of wealth if we cared less about familial bonding.

Alas I know with a high degree of certainty that social organizations like the one I’ve described tends to max out at around 200 individuals due to the constraints of our brains.

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We’ll Call Judge Judy Up In This Piece
If Ya Wana??? LOL​:grin::poop::yum:

YOU Mr retsamerol Are One Smart Cookie :grin::nerd_face: