Just Curious About The Elasmotherium

Bug Description: Anytime the Elasmotherium is in the focus, like for the drone thing, or in battle the whole game just starts lagging, and it doesn’t happen to just me, my whole family experiences this as well

Area is was found in: The world, on any given Tuesday.

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Find an Elasmo
Step 2 - Dart him
Step 3 - In Battle

How often does it happen: All The Time

What type of device are you using: Samsung

I do not like that it makes the game lag, and my phone already lags enough as it is

It doesnt just lag with the elasmotherium, it does as well with other cenozoic creatures, and as well and in the battle arena. Or atleast for me, thats what happens. Although the COMMON cenozoics work fine (as fine as it can be in this game atleast). I already posted about this and im pissed at them for still not figuring out a patch for this;.

I think this is device sensitive. Because ive heard about this sometimes. But myself and others have never experienced it. So it’s not internal in the game.

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i dont think so, seeing as how i experience it as well (I use a Huawei phone). I posted a comment here but they hid it for some reason…

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Maybe… =/

this one?

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this is cool… I’m on my laptop, and it shows you if someone is replying… that’s really really neat

Anyway restating my comment since they blocked it… it happens not just to elasmotherium but to all cenozoic creatures, except for common ones. It also happens in the battle arena, I mean I was lucky to win against a Heavily Boosted lvl17 Smilodon, while it was lagging, and the moves disappearing. I am still baffled to as how Ludia still havent made a patch about this

i only have gotten lags for the elasmotherium… at the time I hadn’t encountered the Smilodon… And I have now, and yeah…

nah i mean a specific comment i posted here, it got blocked and is being reviewed for some reason.

FR?? Then u and ur family is lucky. :,(

oof …
(Had to be 10 letters)

Ehhhhhhhh, my phone is laggy to begin with, and it’s so irritating :anger:

Hello J.C ( moderator )
I have the very same problem with the elasmotherium, smilodon
& the marsupial lion all 3 of these new creatures have severe lag
time problems within the game.
no it is not phone specific as i have tried to play these very same creatures
on 5 separate android phones with no luck in curing this problem in any way
shape or form, no matter what i try to alleviate this problem it keeps on going
time and time again. battles its the same whether its a tower or darting, or just
plain trying to level it up in the game section where we exchange dino dna to
level our individual creatures up to the next level all are the same lag, lag,
lag, laggggggggggggg followed shortly thereafter by the game crashing and
me having to reboot it more than 5 times or more.!.
as for me this is a big time killer because i have not got one single chance
since these 3 new creatures were released at the beginning of V 1.7 update
i would like to finally try out these creatures but i am forced to leave them sitting
in my dna chamber or whatever the heck it is called because they cant be used
for fear of the game crashing yet again. face it i got dished out 3 brand new totally
useless dinosaurs not even the garbage collector would take not now not ever !
as a prime example of proof about what i am saying there is the pictures below that
show just how lousy an amount of dna i get when trying to dart the * useless 3 * as i call them now!.!
P.S. the smilodon picture at the bottom you can see i only scored a lousy 32 dna pieces from trying to dart it = section near the white padlock at bottom left of the smilodon picture.

They fixed it in this new update!!! :smile: