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Just curious, is anyone going for Rajasaurus this weekend?


Would be nice if we could all see the % of dinos the players are choosing this weekend.

Just wondering if Raja will even break 3% when its over. :thinking:


Doubt it. If you know what you’re doing with any type of capacity, you won’t dart raja

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Well… Even though I am closing in on leveling Diorajasaurus to 24, I haven’t darted a single event Rajasaurus, cause…

#freeAnkylosaurusfromtheShadowRealm #screwparks


I have done but I’ve only see four unfortunately.


I live in L4. So no. No darting Raja at all. :laughing:


For some reason I just have large amounts of raja stocked up even though i never dart them unless they are wild (Or during the counter attack week cuz ptera is useless). Altho I guess its cuz I live in L4 and every time I use a scent I get one lol.


0 rajas this week, but I’m ready if Ludia decides to buff it. :grinning:
Currently Ludia is not friendly to L4 players. :disappointed_relieved:


I might just to finish all 18 attempts. Done a majority of them on Erlikosaurus so it would be nice to get Rajakylosaurus up to Level 19 I guess


Just went on a trip and nothing good came to me.
I’m just gonna dart the uniques and hope I get one.


Yes. I was going to split the attempts between Erlikosaurus and Ankylosaurus, but when Ankylosaurus became the new daily mission reward I swapped Ankylosaurus for Rajasaurus. This week I have evolved my Rajakylosaurus from level 17 to level 19 and I will soon be able to evolve it to level 20, and I also evolved my Erlikosaurus to level 20. I will use all five unique attemps on Trykosaurus and should be able to create it after that so there was no point in going after Kentrosaurus, I have more Tyrannosaurus DNA than I can use from the daily missions, and I chose not to go after Sinoceratops since it’s the alliance mission reward.

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