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Just delete this whole family line

I’m not usually one for open complaining, but seriously. I am sick of these two

image image

They are not even very good, but they continue to be boosted to absurd levels. I’m sick of it. I’m not asking for counters or strategies. There’s not an issue killing them. I’m just voicing my major displeasure at this ugly, green disease that shows up L27-L30 max boosted in every. single. Match. Always up first as an opener. It’s so illogical.

I hope Ludia monomimus’s it. Hard. I don’t care that it’s not overpowered, I just want it to disappear.

Anybody else at their wits end seeing these two mutts boosted beyond comprehension?


pretty much.


Can blame that nice little boost reset we had


man, its line is pretty easy to get, but if you think about the diversity, they should be good. theyre literally a stunning chomper. there isnt much you can do since at least 2 of the 3 counterparts have a 20-40% crit chance


Please do, I just faced a 140 something speed Thor in Jurassic Ruins, it destroyed my team simply because my counters were slower and it just one shot me through freakin sidestep. I mean it’s horrible on even ground but please, no one is going to run an unboosted thordor at level 26.


Well, I think the real problem here is boost


the problem is the stats boost, you just shouldn’t be able to increase the speed to anything


Once your team catches up to that level they aren’t a problem. Just start with a cunnng if the opponent starts with them I quote “Every single match”. Create solutions to your problem

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How spiteful and immature.


There is, however, one good thing about a 145 speed Thor:

Watching my Quetzorion crit with the rampage and seeing it go down without ever getting the chance to use a single move.


maybe the real problems are the friends we made along the way


Tried that with minimal success and having more cunning creatures on you team just means that one resilient shuts you team down and considering that 12 of the 25 uniques can either slow and or hit you with resilient. But what about the 13 others, well 4 have dodge so unless you have precise moves then your screwed unless you have god like rng. 9 are either immune to or resistant to distraction and since that’s cunning’s only way of making sure their low health last at least till round 2. And out of all of them only thor is basically just bad against cunning creatures so strategizing around just the 1 dino thats bad against cunning is just like dumb since you need to account for like the 24 other dinos that hand cunnings but on a silver platter


Instant charge: ima stop you right there


You tried Smilonemys?? Mine works wonders

It has speed control so can deal well with resilient creatures and laughs at Thor. A straight match up can pounce the impact and then the IC is absorbed by 50% armour and stun immunity so you are guaranteed to get the second hit


Technically no it doesnt beat thor, it can damage thor but it needs a crit to kill it with the second rampage. If not it will swap and something else is gonna take a that rampage. As for dealing with cunnings ya its good and that kinda of the point you can’;t run cunnings cause i mean everything counters them even other cunnings like nemys, Orion, spxs, and erlidom if its gets to do Cloak or worse revenge cloak. And you can try to block it but unless you have invincibility its gonna kill ya no matter how much armor you have. Unless you Mammolania

The Allo line in general is a bit underpowered, it’s stat boosts that are the problem. They break the whole fundamental idea of balance. If speed boosts got nerfed to only give +1 speed instead of +2 (20 extra points maximum), Thor would no longer outspeed the dinos meant to counter it. Or, just remove speed boosts, or boosts entirely. Problem solved.




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I feel ya… I remember when I had that problem. it was way worse back then, after they gave months and months of Sino DNA, so everyone leveled up this piece of crap… You constantly fought a team of 23-24 and then a Thor 30… Pretty pathetic.

The good news is, they mostly get their butts kicked in the endgame or near it.


Ah, but instant charge has a delay - sending out Thor with a high attack rampage-ready Quetzorion is a terrible idea, but lots of players seem to try it nonetheless.

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So how should we deal with Smilo raids then (among others)? Spend more coins and grind for other creatures DNAs?

I know Smilo isn’t that great. But still…

At the very least Thor’s Group Shattering Rampage move contributes meaningfully to raids.

There are too many unusable creatures now. And many are uglier than Thor. That’s why they are called creatures - not all creatures are pretty. They don’t organized beauty pageant contest or something.

So for that matter I think we should leave these creatures alone.

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