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Just Do it Ludia Now!

I don’t want to listen anything but just wipe out monolos from arena…they just beat your creatures that you have created by giving a lots of coins…Such a cheap hybrid that beats expensive uniques that’s not fair, every player I faced they just kept a monolo that wipe out your whole team and rest of their creatures are just to cheer monolo…come on ludia you nerfed maxima so fast but you are not listening to the complains of ‘NERF MONOLONETRON’ I hope support team is reading this and in next update I just want a NERF to this thing.n

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A Monolo fix clearly should not be priority for the developers.
There are definitely more important topics. Just some examples:

  1. Performance of the application
  2. Dinos that really are broken such as Magnus
  3. Fix and explain about the people who got Trebax “too early”
  4. Quality management in general. I mean, there is no week without an issue
  5. Improved communication between Ludia and player base
  6. […]

If Ludia could fix Monolometrodon now, they would along with Sarcorixis and Rhino. They would have fixed arena to make it less discouraging.

Ludia has its own timeline so no point making demands. Unless you are a mega paying player, nothing will go your way and even then it depends on whether you can get other paying players to support your demands.


Woolly rhinoceros aka bully needs less damage and should lose her Stunning strike

Honestly and this might just be me but I don`t really mind monolometrodon it is my best defense against those swappers since stun does nothing and the same with rending, after the swap I can just take them out

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i don’t use monolono, i kill it with a 23 boosted magna. if not speedboosted, my indom also kills it. so does rinex. thor takes at least half of its damage.