Just few suggestions!


First off I would just like to say “awesome game”! I played Pokemon Go for a while but lost interest pretty fast, so I am glad I found this even though they are basically the same just different skins! So my first suggestion would be allow upgrades, maybe better darts that extract more DNA per hit or even being able to carry more than 140 via a backpack upgrade. 2nd will there ever be any sort of lure for the dinos like in PG you could put them on poke stops to lure in pokemon, in this one I’m thinking T-Rex Pee, remember as Eric from JP3 said “it scares some of the smaller one away but attracts a really big one with a fin” just thought it would be funny!


I second the upgrade thing. There’s nothing cheap to buy with cash, making the paltry 20 bucks you might spin pretty dull. I’d love it if I could spend a little less cash on a better dart that awarded more DNA or something.


No ideas on the upgrades and supply drop lures.


You collect more DNA the higher level you are, and you can definitely store more darts than what it says. I think that is maybe just the “max” it replenishes you when you level up. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever run out of darts with how many you get from every incubator and supply drop. (I have over 1000 currently)

The lure idea has been brought up in one form or another multiple times before. (I prefer the flare idea, since it’s used in the original JP and brought back for JW)


The flare idea actually does sound pretty cool! How do you have 1000 darts though? Mine caps at 120 and never goes past it…


I was talking about the darts with my brother and I think mine is glitched. His was over the cap but has since been fixed. Mine doesn’t seem to move, up or down, when I collect or use them.


The lure idea is a great one “flares” would be a cool addition to an already great game. Im really hoping for a in game chat and/or friends lists with friend vs friend battles. I would also like to see a clan type system like “summoners wars” clan battle system. Well anyway its a fun game and I cant wait to see what they come out with next.


Would it be a good idea also to allow a companion option where like Pokémon go you walk around with your chosen dinosaur to upgrade them by collecting dna walking certain distances depending on dinosaur type.


Get out of here with that! Pokemon and JP are way to different! When would a dinosaur ever follow you unless it was going to eat you?