Just for fun: Which epic would you NOT go outside for?


Concavenator: way too slow to last in the higher arenas, especially with no armor, low critical and weak attacks… also no potential hybrids :-1:t4::-1:t4:


One of these appeared down the street from me and the only reason I stopped for him was I was in the car. He’s a terrible epic… hopefully they give him a much better hybrid because he’s otherwise cute but useless.

There was a Sinoceratops once, just outside my range… I guess I could’ve gone for him, but it would’ve required going around the block and it was hot out…


@Hersh He looks like the Steve Buscemi of the dinosaur kingdom. :rofl:


I’m in southern Texas and I would walk as far as it takes in this heat to get a sinoceratops :slight_smile:
190/200 to utasinoraptor!


Hahah I know exactly what you mean! Not the best to look at, a little goofy, not really remarkable in any way but you know he’s got a heart of gold and a can-do attitude :slight_smile:


Also in TX, still wouldn’t do it. I work outside, my AC time is valuable :sweat:


So… he has a great personality?


I would run a 5k for a sinoceratops! I’ve got thousands of utahraptor dna just waiting around to level up my utasinoraptor


I too am also in Texas, and wouldn’t venture too far out in the heat. At night it is a different story though.


Hahahha :sweat_smile: I would like to think so


The new epic crocodile! Was so disappointed at the low stats for an epic. If I see them in the wild I often go in the opposite direction rofl


Haha, I saw one today! Got just enough off him to get him to level 12 and you’re right. His stats are disappointing…


spinoraptor, concavenator, gryposuchus, spinosaurus gen 2, koolasuchus, and secodontosaurus


Saw one today. Went to get within 50m

It despawned at 65m :joy:


by issuing those low functioned epics, players need to pay more to collect useful dna…


Koolasuco, definetively.


Koolasuchus, Secodontosaurus - I have had 3 of the latter spawn within metres in the last few days

Gryposuchus, Spinosaurus Gen 2 - once I have created them


I go for them all you never know when they will release the new apex concakoolodontosaurus rex :joy:

That’s why my diloranosaurus is already level 20 and I have 2k still left of ouranosaurus :innocent:


I thought the same thing on ouranosaurus before last update, and guess how it strikes back😕
Please believe in ludia will give every epic dino a bright future.


I still collect the DNA assuming good hybrids are coming. Especially Secodontosaurus since his Hybrid would likely have immunity. But man when I saw a little gold circle pop up around the corner only to see it was Concavenator, bummer!