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Here’s the situation…

Ludia has announced the next new hybrid.

It looks like a pretty good dino to have, based on what’s known so far!

The day comes and its released unto the world.

You excitedly open up the hybrid screen to see what its made of…

When you realize that one of the dinos needed is one you see all the time and have usually passed up darting.

Which dino is it for you?

For me, it would be Lythronax…see these buggers all the time, but never go out of my way to dart them. ><


Purrusaurus Gen 2


This one


Well I’ve got 20k + dna on about 8 different commons so… a few :sweat_smile:


already happened. diloranosaurus. used to be in dilo’s zone but never darted them because they were useless at the time. had to find the new zone and drive over there every day hoping there was 1 to finally unlock it.

i’ll still pass up commons, but dart every rare and epic because you never know.


I hardly ever see a dilo maybe once a week if I’m lucky.
I have more dna for dilo from incubators than from actually darting.


i never get dilo either. i just used all my attempts in the recent event on it so i have a few thousand now. no ouranosaurs though. stupidly leveled it to 19 for no reason :sob:


I don’t even have a level 16 dilorano because I have NEVER seen an ourano in the wild, I have enough dilo and Deino to definitely create the unique :frowning:


For me, none. I hunt a small park/neighborhood area and dart everything that is around. I may have over 80,000 DNA of a bunch of worthless commons, but when it is the only game in town I will dart it. If I didn’t do that I would only be darting a few a day! Like the OP stated: I figure one day most will have a hybrid and when that happens whatever was common and I passed by, will be required and I will never see.

If nothing else I might create a level 30 Apatosaurus, Euoplocephalus, Stegosaurus or something else to throw in Sorna Marshes. Y’all will know when I do it as folks will come on here griping about how unfair it is that some BOT or cheater has a OP level 30 unkillable beast.



From what I have available to me, I know it will take forever to get any higher level Legendary or Unique, if at all, so have to go with what I have.


ourano used to spawn a lot for me. then just disappeared. most epics seem to have disappeared recently. except baryonyx. the unique has the same move set as dilorano i think so i’m not sure it’s worth making, except just to have.


I dart everything, just in case! :joy:


This happens to me every time there’s an update and i think I’ve finally learned my lesson. I live in the zone where Ouranos spawn and I’m lucky to find one a week, if that.


Trike gen2 or iguanodon. Those pests are a plague in my zone.