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Just fought a player

with both power ratings higher than mine, squeaked out a win and still only received 10 pts?

Do I need to beat Fizbanius… to get 50pts

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Who’s Fizbaneous?

Fizbans flamboyant brother. :wink: DragonLance character.

Generally, if you’re getting 10 points for a win, you fought a bot.

I can tell the difference. It’s quite obvious in most cases.

Yep, I’m wrong, it’s only 5 points for beating a bot.

I seem to get completely random results. I can fight two live players in a row. Both of roughly equal stats, win streaks etc. I get 50+ for one. 10 for the other. :man_shrugging: goes that way all day.

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Oh. Always hated the idea of Dragonlance.