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Just Fought The Most Ridiculous Deranker


Just fought some dude in the #1 ranked in the Alliance Rush in Badlands against their lvl 30 Indoraptor, Ornith dodged all it’s attacks and killed it lol.



I’m guessing this is the Dino-Lock account, then. Potential video evidence? lol


Nah, was just doing battles for fun and the alliance rush, didn’t record lol


Dang. That probably would have made a great video. Looking forward to the next episode, though!

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It would be funny if you win the entire match by ornithiomimus haha :smiley:

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its not against the rules though🤦‍♂️


why not a screenshot? i noticed you took pictures of the phone instead @Pocemon


Dunno how,


haha your kryptonite… you can setup live feeds and have a youtube channel but screenshots?? haha jk bud

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