Just found 2 Trexes at night within 5 minutes, migration?


Have seen exactly 1 Trex in the last 2.5 months at night, and that was a restaurant night spawn.
Now I’m definitely not complaining, but seeing 2 within 5 minutes outside of nest areas is rather strange, anyone else with unusual sightings?


I dont know, honestly if I go anywhere I see a Trex. I normally see at least 1 a day


Yesterday i saw 2 too at night


Yes, but at night specifically?
Since its a day only spawn @Creative_Screen_name


The other night I saw back to back sinos… chalked it up to random chance


They also spawn near resteraunts which is the only way to find them at night.


Trex is global spawn. If i m not mistaken. Red it in metahub.


It is but only during daytime.


@Lord_G sinos are a night spawn, so lucky but nothing unusual :slight_smile:

@DracoInfernalis yes, except these 2 werent even near any restaurant, hence the post ^^

@Janx True, it is a glibal spawn, but also a “dawn day dusk” only, so finding 2 during night was weird.


My 1st Trex was at 2am even though that was months ago, I was excited like a little boy. I will see I see them primarily during the day but I have absolutely seen them at night


They’re a global spawn during day so the chances of finding one during daytime are higher because they can spawn anywhere.


That wasn’t meant to be for just you, I was just saying it to clear stuff up for everyone but I accidentally hit the button to reply to you.(In case you’re wondering).


That changed somewhere around a few months ago with migration changes ^^
So spawns from 2+ months ago, during the day or at restaurants arent what I was posting about :wink:


I dont used to see many of them around here and just got two today during day, but since he’s a global spwan (according to metahub) i dont think it has anything to do with migration


Please read my last comment above yours, I feel like you didnt read anything because I literally said it wasn’t about it spawning during the day @Rafael_Souza_Oliveir


Rex’s can spawn a pretty fair distance from restaurants but if there were absolutley no restaurants nearby then it’s because of the very very rare chance of a dino randomly spawning even if the spawn doesn’t belong there.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a T-Rex spawn anywhere near a restaurant. And a good number of the ones I’ve ever seen have been night spawns (as a graveyard shift person). I had actually forgotten that this was supposed to be a day/dawn/dusk spawn…lol. Chalk it up to that tiny chance of anything potentially spawning anywhere at any time I suppose. And pretty darn lucky at that! GG on getting 2 in 5 mins =D