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Just give me AI already

Time after time, my match times out, I have to wait 20 seconds after I find an opponent, or the search timer is about to run out and the. It gives me an opponent at the last second. I say if our match times out, give us an AI opponent or give us a battle AI option sooner. Like when he timer hits 10 seconds, we are allowed to choose ti fight AI instead of waiting the full 30 seconds


I think fighting AI should be like a training mode were players can get incubators but not gain or lose trophies


Is that an arena thing?
I’ve never gotten or lost trophies vs AI that I know of.

I’ve not had this with the Arena but it comes up a lot on friendly battles.

Yes. When you face AI you don’t lose or gain trophies but I would like that to be something you could do more. Not just hope you get to face AI


I feel ya. I’m sick of getting that message over and over again. I once had to wait 5 minutes for a single battle(!) because I kept getting this error.

Annoyingly, I had a topic on this, but it was closed due to necro-posting (even though the issue is still very relevant, as this post proves).


That is what it is already

No. Like something you could do one command. Not just hope you get

Yeah same. i’ve gotten it back to back too thinking that by now i could have gotten an ai and be done with getting my incubators. its annoying