Just got indoraptor


Found a trex whilst out this morning and could finally make indoraptor!
I have won the two matches i fought with it 3-0. It is so OP


Do u mean the idomunous rex


Unless he means he found a Rex to level up his I-Rex so he could level up the Indoraptor.


Congrats! I’m a new player and really want an indominous Rex and eventually indoraptor. Do you recommend staying in the fallen kingdom arena to get more t-Rex and velociraptor DNA? Are there other benefits to being in the higher arenas?


I’m so close to the indoraptor!! Definitely need more Trex dna. Hoping they’ll come out with more Trex incubators soon!!


this is indeed correct.


to be honest i have got most of my dna from finding trex in the wild. you get more dna overall from higher arena incubators. Staying in fallen kingdom probably gets more trex at the expense of other dna, I just couldn’t be bothered to drop 6 arenas. Also trex seems to be much rarer in the wild than it was