Just got into Lockdown and I'm out of it


I’ve been getting into lockdown and getting right back out because of people with very high level dinos. I just got into it and the first battle was against a level 18 raptor that killed two of my creatures and then killed my last with a Pyroraptor. If it isn’t in the game already, can there be more balance with trophies in the arena?


Since the tournament started, the arena got quite messy, but as far as I can tell you just gotta fight on. Those players that outrank you should not be the majority, so you should be able to push on until reaching the limitations of your own dino team. Then it’s just a matter of grinding and upgrading constantly.

Also, be sure to have counters for raptors, because even after getting nerfed they are still quite powerful on those levels and often used by players.