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Just Got Killed with One hit in Arena 5

How is it possible for Fariden to kill my entire roster with the Hellish Grimoire fire. She killed My 10th level Saarvin, 9th Level Tommus, 7th Level Rogue (which isn’t even in my roster, that’s a whole other issue) and 9th Level Bard Calliope??? One shot killed my entire team, the battle loaded, I lost initiative, Fariden did the fire thing all of the health drained out and I lost the match. Is this posssible?

I don’t even understand I can only have 7 choices in my roster and the Rogue isn’t even one of them yet it loaded.

Don’t know about the roster thing but my guess with the Grimoire is that the player has levelled it to some ridiculous degree. Probably level 7+ which is a bit of work, but certainly doable. I have some level 10 rares and several level 7 epics and they always outperform other stuff.

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You were facing someone who purposely tanked their trophies in order to get easy matchups for the events. I got to face lvl 15, full legendary juggernauts in Arena 5 the last couple of days.


Yep. I got driven down from mid arena 6 to 5. Not all of it was due to the derankers. Also had a lot of really bad rolls and unfortunate team selection. You know… low defense and low attack. Makes for an ugly match.

I’m also seeing a lot of L10 Tommas characters with some sort of really nasty fire blade. I assume it’s his legendary, and it’s nasty once he gets taunt/counter up.


Yes It’s Legendary, As My Hubby Has It,
And Yes It Is A True Horror To Contend With, As It Will Wipe Out A Hole Team With Ease!!!

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It’s classic when you out dominate on him when he has fire blade and counter, Every Time you hit him he douses his entire team. Killed off the whole enemy team by dominating him and just whapping him with basics to trigger his flame :slight_smile:


Oh… that’s evil.

I’m so gonna do that.


Thanks all! Makes sense, I’m still trying to figure out all of the game mechanics.

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The Battle roster is up to 8 heroes so if you only have 7 then all of them are possible options. You can choose your 4 for challenges but not for the Arena.