Just got my first legendary creature

I got a water creature tylosaurus.
He will be my strongest water creature.
Im happy about it, but im afraid that if i use him in pvp i will be matched with stronger players.
Thats ok and all but my other creatures are all super rare and not as strong as him.
My question: Should I play with him on my team, or should i try to get my superares to level 30 first?


Nice.Keep it low level or you will suffer. Match the ferocity with what you already own. The ai should base the team you face on your highest ferocity.

Ty for advice, that is what i assumed

For PvP the AI will bring a team that is similar to the average of the three you selected for that battle. It’s your PvE that you need to potentially worry about as we believe that is based off your highest three creatures available to be selected regardless if they are in cooldown mode or not.


Congratulations! Many more exciting milestones to reach. Good advice has already been given…watch that ferocity.

Ty! I was really happy tp get him

Ty for advice

This might help. poor quality as used camera as iPad crashes on screen shots.

I feel my balance is correct on my second account.

Round 4 of an unlock battle I needed.


Gives you an idea of what you will be up against. Cool down times and cost of paying to speed up are excellent compared with my main account.

If you want to unlock all the creatures quick it is far, far easier to keep levels low.

@Potato seems to be the expert at this and I am following his lead on this account. The downside of this is not getting the big hybrids until a lot later in the game.

Thank you! I just saw how powerful vip legendaries are. I was outmached, pretty much i thought that i should give up. My team only had like 2 superares level 20 and one VIP legendary level 1. I used sacrafice tactics and won with just one dino left (legendary). I was pretty amazed and i saw that theres no need for me to level up him and that if i did that i would be screwed