Just got robbed


I was in a battle and my dino had about 900 health left. He hit me and did 799 damage, and I was ready to deliver the finishing blow, but instead it just popped up and said “opponent wins”. What?


I’m also tired of it telling me that my dino will be faster, then when I choose it, it’s not and costs me the match. I’m glad I don’t spend money on this.


I’m also fed up with my stuns never working. In the last 12 times my Stegoceratops has faced a Stegoceratops with a lower lever, 11 of them saw my stun miss while theirs worked.


Also, if all you want to do is tell me to stop complaining, go away.


In response to #1 if it happens again don’t hit the continue button! Force close and reopen the app and you will be back where you left off!


Oh. Nice. Thanks.,…, (the dots are to get to 20 characters. Ugh)


On a positive note, I just lost my 6th straight fight (I dropped out of it in the middle because my Stegoceratops has now failed to land a single stun in 5 straight fights), but when I loaded the app back up, I randomly had an 8-hour incubator. No idea where it came from.


I’m gonna start demanding video proof of all of these things that “always” and “never” work. Too many people seem to have that kind of story lately and I feel like it’s being exaggerated.


It’s possible. In my case, I am not. I started tracking it because it felt like I was constantly on the bad side of the RNG.


It’s weird how rng works, it almost feels like it works in streaks. It should be a lot more mixed up, you stun some, you miss some, but it’s usually more like you stun 10 in a row, then miss 10 in a row. At least for me!


I wish it worked that well for me. My experience has been get stunned 10 times, then have maybe 1 match where I stun 2 or 3 times, then back to being stunned again.


Yeah, I agree that for something supposed to be random, it doesn’t feel random at all sometimes. I just hold on to those rare occasions when I get stuns with the 10% attack. Those usually make my day <3


1st) stop complaining about people complaining about complaining :sleeping:

2nd) speed- if youve used a decelerating move and it wears off on that turn it will still for some reason calculate based on the decreased speed, also if both dinos have the same speed and level its a race to hit the buttom

3rd) stuns- I wont fully disagree that at times I feel like it never works FOR ME while my opponents are landed stuns on minimum stun strike 2 times but I also have come to realize that sometimes I land 2 stun with MinStun and it is probably a wash but we tend to remember the losses… Last on this… Ive focused on stegocerotops COUNTERS rather than the dino itself and I dont struggle against them anymore. Occasionally 1 will stun lock me and I will lose but most of the time I kill it fairly easily


Just remember, when you stun your opponent they are most likely saying “the opponent always gets the stun!” too. Stun dinos aren’t terribly dependable, I’ll be dropping stegoceratops as soon as I have something to replace it with.

It doesn’t annoy me when it doesn’t work but I’d prefer a more consistent moveset. Maybe start looking for something that isn’t chance dependant if it’s annoying you so much.