Just hit 6x through evasive/cloak. What are the odds?

Seriously, can someone tell me? It was downright comical.


Were you just playing me? Lol

Unsure lol. Whats your in game name?

My rng is broken right now, which seems to happen sometimes.

Same name plus Jr2…but you’re probably at a much higher trophy count though. It did happen tonight to me…both my Monomimus and Irex failed me. Lol

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The chance for it to happen for any given row of 6 attacks is 0.5^6 = 0.015625, so about 1.56%.
Now scale that up to all battles happening throughout the day for all thousands ands thousands of players. Happens often enough.


It is certainly like that. It can happen once every 64 times … but it happens too much.

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Yeah 1 in 64

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Try 7 times in a row then i got a sucessful on dodge and then it failed another 5 and then another 4 so in 19 attempts 16 were unsucessful. I did get a rare double dodge by my IRex the other day though! However my opponents mono dodged 5 times in a row. It really is crazy.

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This has kinda happened to me alot of times. Though it is me who misses every hit :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Same odds as a while back where someone dodged me 6 times in a row. In that game dodge was combined 8/8 :unamused:

I got through someone’s angry chicken and iRex just a bit ago. 3 in a row on the mono and once on the iRex with 2 different dinos. Long story short… it came down to my cloaked iRex vs his gorgo who had lethal. He got through and won and I thought, “yeah, had that coming.”


My IndoRex hardly ever actually dodges. Also, I wonder why they put the hint in before battles saying Allosaurus has the highest chance for critical attacks. I haven’t gotten a critical attack in 23 straight times.(obviously not in a single match) But my Velociraptor gets critical more often than my Allosaurus!

Dino I think it was ME that you faced today, I had a fight that went like that! hahaha!

What is your in game name?

Oh and Chuck I think h\the tip says it has “A higher than average” chance to crit!