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Just Hit Renown 20 Now What?

Like the subject suggests what do some on the seasoned players chase now?

Max all gear farming challenge mode.

Max your gear, get your heroes to 20, climb the pvp ladder, if you haven’t finished last adventure finish it.

Break the pvp habit now. It really sucks once you start in on the bots.

I just hit 20 myself

I just hit 20 as well. I don’t have Jarlaxle either. So are all the level ups from here just flushed? It seems there isn’t a lot left to play for.

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Pretty much at this point, at least as it seems to me, all you are playing for is if you like actually playing or to try and level up your characters or collect gear.

Its just such a steep climb from here to have potential rewards taken away. Once you start to get a decent amount of legendary items at lvl2 and Epics at 7, the math is really daunting as to what it will take to really improve. To get 5 legendary items of the same type to advance to lvl 3 would a lot of gems even at 2 for 1’s on a specific character. The randomness of any character rewards makes it that much tougher. Not having that renown to work for just makes it even tougher. FYI my lvl 20 renown legendary was third one (1 of 5 to lvl 3) of the Warlock book. So kind of a throwaway. I use the common at lvl 13 now, and have the epic at lvl 7.

Yeah even though there are a lot of frustrations with this game I just enjoy playing it. It is fairly mindless and just fun to watch the graphics. Eventually I will get bored with it and move on if they don’t add in some more goals whether they are individual or guild based.

Same here, I hit 20 and it’s like… Now what? While they did up the legendary drop rate, it’s still, pathetically low. Even normal items, it is way to much of a grind to try to level anything, unless, of course , you want to spend thousands of dollars. I understand that they have to pay people, have to support the game etc… Buy 10 bucks a month for vip is what I paid for my dark age of Camelot account, and they made money of that 10 a month and had a wildly successful game with more content then you’ll ever see in a phone game. So what’s up with having to spend a small fortune on gems? It’s purely greed from the developers of these types of games. And as long as saps like us play them, it’ll never change…