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Just how disruptive is level 1 indoraptor to a level 20 vip bench?

I’ve reached the infamous Episode 52 mission that asks for a level 31 Indominus Rex. My bench is currently sitting comfortably with a level 11 Indominus leading it so obviously getting my Indominus Rex to level 31 would leave it unbalanced. Then I looked that the other missions and realized that if I want to finish all the missions (assuming it ends at episode 55) I will need an Indominus at level 40 and that’s even more unbalancing.

Looking at my bench, I have about 20 dinos that I could get to the equivalent of a level 20 VIP (around 4400 ferocity) giving a deep enough bench to comfortably do my daily missions and get into dominator (if I try hard enough). A level 40 Indominus has about 12,000 ferocity so I’m pretty sure it will considerably bring up the challenge level of my dailies. I could also, once the missio1n is passed, turn it into an indoraptor level 1. That is only 9000 ferocity but still considerably more.

I could prematurely combine some of those dinos to get them into level 30 (around 6700 ferocity) but I fear that will leave me with a very shallow bench and make it challenging to get past the daily missions while I expand it.

My main goal is to finish those missions. That is the internal goal I gave myself when I started playing this game and I believe that waiting for my bench to grow proportionally with a level 1 Indoraptor will take a few months and I’d really like to finish the missions ASAP.

Given this, I’d like to know from those who have more experience with unbalanced benches. Do you think having a single dino be at 9000 ferocity bring the difficulty up to unmanageable for a bench of 4000 ferocity? What about for one with 6000 ferocity?

Any other suggestions?

9000 to 4000 would be very tough, 9000 to 6000 also but maybe manageable.
I’m absolutely not interested in missions, but I can understand that you want to proceed if they are one of your main goals.
One solution would be to bring it to level 31 and see what happens. If events become impossible you could sell it in the end. I did this once and I think @Sionsith did something similar with Indoraptors to get all badges.


Well, I have a level 40 pachygalosaurus and level 40 gorgosuchus … my fights are difficult but not impossible due to the amount of indoraptors and other creatures I have. If you think you can handle with the difficulty so do it :facepunch:

Just beat it :muscle:


Just ignore the mission.


Hopefully, a level 21 still satisfies the first Indominus requirement. When I made my first level 21 I-rex, most of my VIPs were at level 20, with only 1 or 2 level 30s. I did have level 30 and 40 hybrids for the rares and super-rares along with level 10 super-hybrids (level 20 Diplosuchus). So the VIPs were not my very best creatures.

I have not taken my I-rexes beyond level 21 as yet. They are still higher in Ferocity than my level 30 VIPs. Only my level 40 Supranotitan and level 15+ Monostegatopses have a higher Ferocity. My level 10 tournament hybrids and level 40 tournaments falling just below the level 30 VIPs

Personally no mission was worth nerfing my game over. I waited until I felt I had sufficient numbers of lvl 30 VIPs and comparable hybrids (including at least several lvl 20 gorgos and a bunch of lvl 15+ Metrias) before I started adding Indoraptors. Since I didn’t have the Segno unlocked, I made sure to have a bunch of Mono s-Hybrids up to lvl 20 as well (sure am loving my four lvl 20 Segnos I have now though!)

I think it was about 6 months before I was able to finally knock off those I-Rex missions. Never had any reason to regret being patient. This thread that has been getting some recent action was a pretty good discussion of that journey.


Not long ago I was at that same point. I decided to create the indoraptor and leave it at lvl 1; My lineup is the same as it is today and I have had no trouble completing PvE, finishing in Dominator, and even completing Infinite Battle Phases, no DB required or long wait. I leave images of my alignment back then (it is still the same today) and the first battles I faced. (These images are the same that I put in another post) I hope they serve as a reference.

Little Beast

Clash Of Titans

Fight for funds

T rex Gen 2


What’s the cooldown of a level 1 Indoraptor? With 1K S-DNA more, I’ll have enough to make Indoraptor as well as buy 2 more, but I can’t… not yet, at least.

Thanks for the answers everyone. At first I thought I might have to just wait but it looks like the effect of a single Indoraptor may not be so bad and there’s always the option of selling it.

I’m planning to slowly level up an indominus and see how it affects every day events. Every day I’ll feed it once until I see a noticeable effect on pve. That should allow me to evaluate better.

Smart of you to wait though before adding a 2nd or 3rd Indoraptor… we believe that the AI uses the top 3 of your lineup in PvE matchups, so that’s likely why you have been able to get along okay with just the one added, it’s not pushed the AFS up enough that it’s unmanageable.

CD on Indoraptors is close to a full day.


Just be aware that once you open an Infinity Battle you have to complete it before you can move onto another. So that’s the one that can be a problem if you push your difficulty level too high. If you are at all unsure, don’t add the Indoraptor until you’ve opened the next Infinity Battle up, but leave it unplayed. That way it won’t reset with a new, much more difficult battle after it sees the Indoraptor in there, and you can see how your PvEs go, particularly ones like Fight for Funds go for you first, and make a decision on if you are keeping it or not, so you don’t risk ending up with your Infinity stuck on a battle that you have to level up additional stuff to complete.


Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll definitely take that into account. I’m still far away from infinity battles though, haven’t even passed battle stage 80 yet.

Looks like getting the Indominus rex to 21 without upping my existing bench isn’t too bad. In the meantime I’ve made a plan to get to a bench of at least 6 dinos of each class at ~6700 ferocity (VIP level 30).

Based on the unlocks I have and my existing Dinos, I will have to spend about 1.3million DNA (minus discounts) to hatch some Ostaposasaurus, Zalmodons, Cerizanosaurus, and a handful of others (including the dinos to unlock the Zalmodons and Cerizanosaurus). These will compliment my existing VIPs and some super hybrids I can create.

Has anyone calculated, on average, how much DNA we generate in a month as a VIP and also as a non-VIP?

I estimate that, assuming one boss round a month and 3 tournaments, its around 400,000 DNA but that’s just very ball park and I might be way off.

This estimate would assume that it would take me 3 months to get to where I want and that seems awfully long :frowning:


I haven’t tried to calculate DNA/month, but my latest strategy is coins->Ceno where I often get a tournament dino (cough cat cough).

I hold it and trade it back in a non-custom trade for DNA, 2500-4000. Being VIP, I can get up to 3 cats a day (if I have the coins for it). I’ve been +6-10K DNA/day more often than not. Note: as non-VIP you can buy custom trades to match my 3 cat a day pull.

But not everyone gets stuck in the coins->Smilodon that I’m in.

Sometimes I get a DB offer first and I’ll take that offer. I’ve gotten maybe one LP offer. Yesterday I held 3 cats all day. Finally at the end of the day one got a DNA offer. (I passed over food and coin offers.)

But, each of us seem to draw different offers in this game, so what works for me may not work for you.

I call it my coins->DNA factory. Just takes a few trades to get there.

It can vary greatly on how folks play the game and what they prioritize while they play, I would say that is a fair ball park number to use though just to give your self an idea.


I didn’t get a chance to read through everything here. Lots of good insight provided.

I’ve stopped progressing through the missions at this one as well. Not worth it to me. The game is really fun when you’ve got a deep balanced bench. Park is maxed. Almost got every dino.

When paddocks start filling up then I will consider moving forward with missions. Till then…easy does it!

Let us know how you’re thinking about moving forward after all this insight.


I believe that I can get a bench of 20 dinos with ferocity around 6500 in a couple of months and that will be enough to support having a single indoraptor. My plan is to prioritize DNA, DBs and LPs to get those dinos. I will deprioritize getting dinos to fill paddocks so repeats will be traded for DNA or LPs in general. I’ll still hatch any dinos I’m missing if I receive them from rewards since one of the missions is to have 80 dino collection things and I only have 72. I think I’m in a pretty good place for having only played for about 5 months.


What 20 dinos are you targeting/planning for?

Carnivores: a mix of Rajastega and Cerazinosasaurs (plus the indoraptor itself) on one of the VIP carnivores. (More if I can get them).
Herbivores: Mainly Monostegotops and a couple of Apatosaurus. I may also add a segnosuchus or two later on.
Pterosaurs: Mainly Zalmodons, one Tapejalocephalus and one Pterodactylus
Amphibians 1 Prestosuchus, 1 Mastodonsaurus and 3 Ostaposasaurus.

In all cases, if I get more VIPs to level 30, they would substitute a slot from the legend or tournament hybrid in its place. So the Ostaposasaurus, Zalmodon, Segnosuchus or Rajastega/Cerazisasuours would be substituted.

The VIPs will entirely depend on TH offers since that is where I will be getting them from. I will stop buying 10k gold packs until I have these slots filled out since for this purpose, I’d rather use the extra 2K LPs required to guarantee a dino rather than risk getting non-jurassic dino, losing the value I need from a full 9K’s worth of LPs.

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