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Just in Time - All Maxed

For about half of a day (I assume) until Pikel is released I have acheived my goal of having all the characters at level 20 with all available gear maxed. The last piece amazingly enough was a rare - the Shark Maw - having maxed all the legendaries and silverhands about a week ago and of course the epics well before that. Obviously I’m a completionist so back at it with Pikel soon enough.


Congrats, that’s impressive!

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Congrats man! Very strong achievement. I can get all my hero’s maxed soon if I wanted to, but I’m far away from maxing all gear.

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Grats! Standing!!!

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Impressive work @gpinsky1313! :muscle:

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Impressive getting all those ranger silverhand axes. Hope to see you more in PvP.

I don’t usually PvP more than once a day to get the brawl chests. By the time the Ranger Silverhand came out so much of my gear was maxed that I got 2 or 3 a day offered by Durnan. I get more gold than I spend by selling at every opportunity so I can always buy them. So each time a new Silverhand comes out expect to max it in a week so only one option for Durnan to offer. Pikel may change that though who knows.


Wow Standing, max gratz!

Thank you. Now I have no excuses to lose to everyone lol.

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@gpinsky1313: You are my hero!! I want to be like you but my wife disagrees. She thinks I am already spending too much time on this game. :yum:

Listen to your wife and you will he much happiier!