Just in time for the holiday season!

The brilliant shades of red and green really give this formidable dino a rather cheery holiday flair!

I completely missed out on last week’s special dinos but thankfully had enough Sino on reserve. It only took me 13 fuses this time.

But wow, this dino sure is pretty! Utahsinoraptor has met her competition in the beauty department


Oh my! Gratz on unlocking that one. Hope to see it kicking my rear in arenas soon.

Thanks! It would seem that all the extra random dna I got from blitz purchasing incubators a while back is actually helping :rofl:


That looks like something out of a Dark Souls game

I’m not familiar with that game but sounds appealing!

With a stroke of luck today, I saw a Sino on my usual route, lo and behold, another Sino on the opposite side of the road!

Got lucky with fuses for Allosinosaurus dna and got this emerald powerhouse!

This baby is awesome! It took a few chomps off the opponent’s Uniques and made short work of them. :heart_eyes:

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I thought you have cooked up your profile pic for thanksgiving… since she’s off most peoples team by meow, I am guessing carving her up would make her useful again. :wink:

Glad to hear that the new guy is useful. I am looking very much forward to adding him to the lineup.

Respect and Gratz on your new addition.

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Preparing her for Thanksgiving…

Out with the Old, In with the New!

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Nice one @Idris! Did you find an alliance yet?

@MagicFingers Thanks, and no one has approved my request yet. This alliance thing makes it all feel a bit cliquish :rofl:

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You’re welcome to join my alliance

Man…I wish we had room in ours. I kept looking for your name at first, but it’s now full. @TyrannosaurusLex created it. We use it mostly for trading DNA atm. Doesn’t feel clickish at all…but I guess that’s my opinion from the inside. Friend me and if we get a spot open I’ll invite you.
MagicFingersJr2 #8188 @Idris