Just lost 10 battles to Indoraptors


Has anyone else been having this problem? Battling in area 7, i faced the last 10 opponents, all different names, all opening up with high level Indoraptors!?! Needless to say, it was 3 to 0 in each case… in their favor. What are the odds? Strange… either I’m the ONLY person in area 7 with no unique creatures, or something is up. This is getting frustrating to have to do 10 to 15 battles to get a couple of incubators, and after finally winning after 5 or 6 battles, I’m awarded (and I use the term losely) with a 15 minute incubator… SMH


You’re facing bots at the moment, which are a bit higher in level and can be a bit unforgiving. If you lose against a human player twice, you will face a bot until you win.


I’m 3300 trophies and not seen one. Are you around 4000-5000 trophies?


3350, and up and down… as low as 3200 at times, then fight back up to 3700 only to lose a bunch in a row to unique creatures and drop back to 3200


Might have to dive down until you get one.


But 10 seriously, 10 people in a row with Indo openers??? C’mon… sounds like a bunch of crap to me… again, what are the odds? I’d have a better chance of hitting the lottery, since I made this post and responded, I’ve fought 5 more battles and faced 2 more indos… yes, if i was level 21 and had 5000 trophies, but, seriously?


Sounds like you lost a match and then faced bots… just a bit unlucky. I’m on 3600 but struggling to stay there.


Nah I’m 3335 trophies and honestly I have hardly anything. I don’t have a single legendary or unique and only have two hybrids on my team. Eni and stegoceratops :flushed: sometimes I win cause people are stupid and don’t pick the right thing at the right time, sometimes I lose. Wouldn’t have a hope in hell against an indoraptor


I don’t think they are bots, ‘coz these Indoraptor are level 21, I’ve never seen a bot using it and you’re right Heather Indoraptor is pretty invincible! I never killed one!


i have indoraptor. uniques start at level 21 when you create them, so they are pretty high level to begin with. i have like 3500 trophies and i’ve only ever faced an indoraptor once and i’ve been playing since march.


Lucky you, man, I’ve been seeing these things on a regular basis. Just my bad luck of the draw I suppose…


I met one once on lvl 22. I like to keep it that way for now lol. I dont want to be higher ranked if that is what is waiting for me. I used 4 dinos and got it down to maybe 2/3 of its hp. Its like fighting a forrest fire with 1 bucket of water haha


Stegodeus leveled or stegoceratops if you have luck whit stuns is good counter for they


Computers are just using Common/Rare/Epic … and they wouldn’t have the same ones 10x Matches in a row.

But yeah, many players around 4k unlocked Indoraptor already, he’s pretty easy to obtain with all the T-Rex offers/spawns and V-Raptor.



At least you’re losing to something good. I’m in level 7 too and keep dying to the typical velociraptor and anything that has 50 million stun attacks in a row. I just had a level 20 velociraptor take out my 18 Indominus, 16 TRex, and 16 Raptor. I literally got 1 hit in.


It was seriously 10 matches in a row… all different names, but each o e opened with an Indo. If it’s not that its level 30 dinos… want some proof… scroll down

This was just this morning… first 2 battles of the day… guess I’m just unlucky. But I’m only level 13 and have 3500 trophies. You tell me. I don’t have an awesome line up either… just ave stuff for my level


Well just deliberately lose enough battles to drop down an arena, simples. When the going gets tough…


Drop the Trex and put in a tank or armoured that can do slow. Don’t forget your dinos aren’t selected at random from your roster. The ones you use most are more likely to be selected.


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