Just lost 12hr incubator


Been waiting for a 12hr incubator to time out after it did wouldn’t let me open it so I logged out and when I logged back in it was gone :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Did you check your assets to see if any increased?


Yea no increase I could see now I’ve also lost two battles before I even joined in just the count down an then get into the fight to find I’ve already had 2 dinosaurs killed after that I can’t access any of the re-supply boxes I’ve turned it off and re logged in but no difference definitely a bug night :rage:


you have more coins and darts in the 2nd pic. so it probably opened on it own, just didn’t show you what you got


Good point :+1: thanks maybe it did but I could tell


Yeah your darts and coins increased, probably did give u it