Just lost the golden strike tower because Ludia can't handle have their dinos stunned

2 x1 for me. Paramoloch is on. Stunned procerato once. Waited 4 MINUTES to next move. Stunned it again. 4 more minutes. Ok, one more strike, any one would kill it. As soon as the 4 minutes ended, comes a screen saying YOU LOST and Ludia gives me the middle finger.

Come on, Ludia.


Known bug. Why are you still using stuns? Why did you do it again after the first 4 minutes?


because, in my head, I should be able to choose any of my dinos for a fight. And I was winning.


So am I


Losing strike events bcos of bugs, known or unknown, is really not acceptable.

These bugs shld be fixed as soon as they r discovered and not allowed to continue over so many strike events


Due to known bugs I stopped using stuns / long invincibilty in strike towers. Which is a pain as it means cannot always pick the team I would prefer for certain challenges (e.g. a pain to not have stegoceratops as armour, slowing, high base attacks and stun chance vs non immunes, but found out the hard way about stun bug). Only lost 2 epic towers, both I lost i could not choose my preferred team due to known bugs - may be coincidence (as they were difficult) but in ideal world would have liked to be able to play team of choice instead of compromise team just in case first choice team could have managed it

I agree, but it’s not fixed and still chose to use stunning attack…twice…

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Happened to me too with my Sinoceratops.

Gotta love bugs, right?

Known to whom? I wasn’t aware of it when it happened to me last night. Only won because I avoided stun after waiting a long time…


Their areabout 5 threads like this one everytime an epic strike is out in the game… either over stun or long invincibility. Ive known about the stun since august, ive known about long invincibility since the level 30 irex strike.

Their is no reason for these bugs to be in the game for months. That said… i dont use stunner or long invincibility on strikes anymore i want the rewards to much to risk bugging out an encounter and possibly missing out.

It’s been all over the forum for a few weeks now.

Same deal with dinos spawning in strike tower locations. Known bug, developers unwilling/incapable of fixing a bug.
Both known for at least one code revision.

I’m on the forum a lot and didn’t know, neither about the invincibility. Have to agree with pp that it could have been fixed… or warn the players in the strike event info not to use these moves.

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Don’t stun or use invincibility in the strike towers… it’s a glitch that needs to be fixed ASAP.

If you do use them , proceed at your own risk.

I remember stunning indoraptor in last week’s epic tower without any issue.

Hmmm, I always use utarinex in event strikes, she stunnes and nothing bad happens. And I noticed that she also often stunnes with her first move but it’s also OK

Vast majority of players don’t visit forums.

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Yeah I just lost the epic speed duo due to using long invincibility. I forgot that I’d had a problem with it before - that time, a while back, not a loss as it was lower level and I beat the dino on the first turn of the invincibility. I’m surprised to find this and stuns causing failures still haven’t been fixed. I’ve cancelled my VIP membership and seriously considering uninstalling the game it they aren’t going to fix such important bugs.

And I am one of the players who rarely visits the forums I install games to play, not to have to spend all my time reading forums to know what bugs haven’t been sorted.

I finally won the tower strike with the alankylo long shield bug… It took 4 minutes from the moment I used that movement. I have a record to remember myself don’t do that again until Ludia repairs the bug.

I’m not a regular on this forum, and I just lost the current epic strike event partly because I didn’t knew at all about the long invincibility bug…